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After generation. So you could call it Kennedy curse if also call it the curse of power that got sometimes people who power these sort of things happen. I think there's something psychological about it. It's almost like scales scales have to be balanced life as you to less if a too much now we're going to take some away from you and had a curse once it's again exact. A terrible tall on the man who as a little blonde haired boy was required to salute the passing coffin of his dead father. As the entire hi world which Don I think there's a parallel or a similarity between the death of the father and the death of the son in that in both cases since there was great unfulfilled potential. We have no idea of what could have happened so his his presidency had great potential in fact the potential is so great that most academics rank him as a great president even without having accomplish these things and the same kind of hovers over the life of John F. Kennedy junior the fact that he it could have done great things could have been a president could have been a governor. Senator could have been a great public figure the rest of his life and impacted the world for good so in both cases there cut down in cut short of what most people believe believe would be a great life and a great contribution to humanity following the assassination of President Kennedy the conspiracy ever see theories began almost immediately. Did Lee Harvey Oswald Line. was there a second shooter at the scene who was pulling the moving strings behind the scenes and how deep derived hall go his JFK historian. John Hanky there are Tan. Dan Affidavits in the Warren Commission documents from witnesses in Dealey Plaza. Who All said that? The limousine stopped in front of the Grassy Knoll. They don't say waiting for the kill shot. But you can put those elements together to see that. The Secret Service stopped the limousine in front of the Grassy knoll waiting for the kill shot in nineteen sixty four. The Warren Commission set up by President Lyndon Johnson to who investigate the killing concluded that Oswald was the lone assessing. It was to be another eleven years before another committee ruled at the Warren Commission was fundamentally the Middle East flawed and not until nineteen seventy nine before the house. Select Committee concluded that the murder was most likely. The result of a bigger far-reaching conspiracy. I see however that did not say who was behind that conspiracy like me. Jive Cagey suspected a cover up author. Doug Wade has written over thirty books and interviewed no fewer than six presidents and has unrivalled insight into the nations of the White House. I received a call from a lady whose father had worked for Frank. Church had been his closest aide and she told me neither story is that when it was all over her father had good worked. So hard for the senator in these hearings had said why is senator. Didn't as you go ahead and publish your findings. Why did you back down after all that you've gone through? And she said that Senator Church said I said to her father. The country could not have survived if they had known the truth of our investigation into the CIA see I it was a lengthy investigation. They interrogated many CIA agents and at the conclusion of it. It was like He pulled oldest punches. It was a whimper John. Junior was to lie to begin his own investigation. Father's death felt that it it was just something he had to live with that he was John Kennedy but he was very proud of it in the sense that he named his put the number of the PT One nine nine there was his father's World War Two pt boat. He put that on an playing he thought about his father constantly but tragically the assassination of JFK. Senior was only the beginning shortly after midnight. On June the fifth nineteen sixty excite. Kennedy's beloved uncle. Bobby Kennedy was also executed. He was killed at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles just hours after winning the California presidential. It's an inch primary his report Leon Wagner who was being close to the Kennedys since the nineteen seventy s after JFK was assassinated this native. Jackie really leaned heavily on bobby and he spent a tremendous amount of time with her. They spent so much time together and that there were rumors that they were having an affair which I don't know if it's possible they certainly were tight right but I think more than anything. He was something to lean on and because he was her brother in law and she trusted him implicitly. Candor stood her pain which nobody else really could understand the way he could and then suddenly he was slain and that was away final. Blow one of the consultants. At Bobby's autopsy was forensic tallest. Cyril Wecht. I was an official consultant to Dr Thomas. NEGOTI cheeks product examiner corner of Los Angeles. County is see my English. Did you look at the autopsy report in fact. Tom called me about three or four o'clock in the morning. My time was three hours earlier there from Los Angeles. He didn't need any advice on how to do an autopsy but he was concerned that they would try to take Bobby Kennedy's body away like they had done with. JFK and dollars. and Tom and I hit become good friends at the American Academy Physics Scientists and he knew of my outspoken spoken communist regarding what they had done and I advise him in fact among things which he did was to invite the academic proactive fashion and invite the government to send in their forensic pathologists to be observers at your autopsy and he did that. And three of those military Sherry from super apologised whom we knew they were colleagues they attended despite the attempt to transparency. It seemed that once again the Kennedy assassination was followed by another shady. Cover up by the way then the cover-up remember the scenario in which Bobby Kennedy Kennedy was assassinated. Look it up. The distance from which to fatal shot was fired striking him. Just above and slightly behind the radiator was one to to one and a half inches one to one and a half inches and pull it also had a slightly forward trajectory. Sorry hand in front of him and you gotta Ask Yourself. How is this possible? I'll tell you how it's possible. Because they defense attorney who by the way not some snot nosed kid out of law school or in a talkative offenders office. He was inexperienced defense attorney. Name Grant Cooper Never Never consulted they fronts pathologist or a ballistics expert never had anybody testify at the trial and in the cross examination of Dr Gucci. Never asked him the question. I asked you two minutes ago about the distance from which the shot I fired or a subject to rick. Never you talked by setups.

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President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, JFK discussed on Diana: Case Solved

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