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We went to kentucky after his hospital visit if you consider sued daniels and james backers testimony bodyblows in the case against virgil what we're going to talk about knacks is the knockout punch the ko comes courtesy of a lifelong criminal named joe womack when i say lifelong i mean as of now since he testified against william virtual he is spent a combined thirteen years in state prison for burglary and robbery charges according to the ohio department of corrections at the time he testified he was two years into an aggravated burglary sentence out of cuyohoga county he is currently being held in the lake erie correctional institution on four charges two counts of aggravated robbery one count of theft and one count of aggravated burglary his nuts parole hearing is in 2019 and working with virgils lawyers to tell the story the only concession we made regarding reporting involved joe womack and i'll be transparent about that here elliot slow saw asked us to hold off on attempting interview amac ourselves until after he gave his deposition in the civil case we agreed so sorry said the testimony was too important to risk womack gutting scared off by aggressive questioning by a reporter i obliged in part because i see no harm in waiting but more so because i see slow search point what's alleged to have happened here with jomo mac in this case is in short explosive womack was being held in lebanon at the same time william virgil was there lebanon's in ohio about a forty minute drive northeast from newport remember virgil wasn't charge straight away with wreath is murder rather he was picked up for violating parole and that parole stem from ohio so he was popped in in ohio prison where will mack was in the midst of that burglary sentence here's what will matt told jurors in the 1988 trial he said the previous august so about four months after.

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