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They do lose that 1 37 to 21 with Houston at home today, and he and his What I was hearing and seeing watching like Red zone today, and some of the mistakes that Trevor Lawrence was making was like he's going to have to learn. You heard announcers say that over and over again, like he's going to have to learn this. He's going to have to learn that so I just I watch it with the thought of of Justin Fields and what we will see from him and where to kind of measure him up to some of these other guys that played full games today. I mean, Zach Wilson. Obviously the Jets are going to jet that's just who they are, but he sex six times. I mean, like that doesn't feel productive to me. Yeah, no, he he struggled the Jets as a whole struggled. I will say I do want to Reject the notion of the Jets being the Jets just yet, because I'll give them a little bit of leeway because I do believe Robert Salad. Their new head coach is going to be a good head coach in this league, and so I don't want to just put the whole thing like they have a new regime change. And so I'll give them a little bit of leeway before I go ahead and they can prove that I'm wrong and they can just go ahead and be the Jets. J. E. T s Jets, Jets jets, right? We'll give them space and grace to grow right. Exactly. Hold out the judgment on week one. I try and be a little more nuanced as a as an analyst when I put my house cap on d N, but Also around the league, Your browns, Dion your grounds. They looked good early, but I'm not right. I won't talk about it. Wow, Lost 18 Street openers. A lot of people have been very excited about the Browns. They picking them to win the A F C north this year Because of all the injuries the Ravens have had to deal with. Lot of people think Ben may be done in Pittsburgh, and so it looks like it's the opportunity for the Browns to go ahead and claim their division finally, and they looked really good early against the Chiefs in Kansas City. But it's September and it's Patrick Mahomes, and he is still undefeated in September. He is now 11 0 in his career as he brought the Chiefs back after trailing at halftime 22 to 10 Browns have not one week one since 2000 and four That's a really long time. That is quite a bit. That's a long stretch of not winning. I'm disappointed because you even said it off the air. We were talking. You're like, Wow, 10 minutes feels like a really long time for the Browns, and it was. It was spelled the end for them. They were clinging to their lead as much as they could. But Patrick Mahomes goes for three touchdowns 337 passing yards Now Nick Chubb ran for two touchdowns. He rushed for 83 yards as well. But Tyreek Hill had a long touchdown 197 yards on 11 catches and one touchdown today. So the chiefs even though they allowed the Browns, um to get up on them, they were able to come back elsewhere in Washington. The charges and Justin Herbert get themselves a win. Brandon Staley's first win as head coach. They beat Washington football team 22 16. The Seahawks Go ahead and Russell Wilson behind his four touchdown passes. Beat the Colts 28 to 16 Remember when we thought Russell Wilson was coming to show? No, it's all right, because, like, I'm glad you were like again, I had actually forgotten all about it because of the Justin Fields. Draft pick, and then you reminded us at the top of the show and was like that did happen. We spent like at least a month talking about the idea of Russell Wilson coming to the Bears, and I haven't I'm actually glad, though, that they were able to go ahead and draft Justin Fields because the truth be told. Everything that they were going to have to give up for Russell Wilson. I was in love with the idea of landing a franchise quarterback, but it was going to be very tricky. The thread that needle of how much is too much to give up and still still surround him with actual talent. Right and Justin Fields be here longer, like we're looking at 10 15 years hopefully, and the truth is that If Justin Fields if they landed the right guy. Having him on a rookie deal is going to be a huge advantage for the Bears in years, 23 and four where they can hopefully surround him with some elite talent land some free agents who maybe want to come and play with Justin Fields while he's on the rookie deal. That's the real value of having a good young quarterback on your tears. Of course, it opens up so many possibilities on the financial side. Alright, Well, zip around the league and tell you what else happened as we get set for bears and rams. She is Dan Miller. I'm Jeff Miller. This is The Chicago Bears pregame show. Brought to you by three key and Valparaiso University here on ESPN 1000 this This.

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