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WIBC rob KENDALL. The rob KENDALL show. Thanks for joining his Twitter at rob KENDALL. Guest host for the first hour of the show. Lindsey Marie from town. All all, right. So let's talk about hate crimes per second. Showy? Let's do as we like I said we did the dual TV this week. And do you like TV do you like doing the TV or the radio better? I like radio a little bit better because it's a little bit more entertaining. It's more fun. You can vibe off each other versus TV a lot of times. It's a little bit more stuffy, but the Abdul show is the best show, and you should watch. And you get to hang out with me when you do radio. That's why you like exactly it works, by the way, you do have a website which letter by it's Lindsey, Marie dot com. And it's got all sorts of stuff on. There might Twitter is Lindsay Murray. L P. We'll get to that in a second. Okay. So hate crimes we talked about hate crimes on the dual show. And obviously, we know there are multiple representatives and senators from the Grand Old Party have decided that they are going to put forward a hate crimes Bill, and it looks like to me it's heading down the tracks. And it's it's going to pass because did, you know, we're only one of five states in the country that doesn't have a hate crimes Bill. But we're only one of how many stays has doesn't have legalize marijuana recreational medicinal. There's a lot of other things that were very few in the minority we one of the highest gas taxes, but we want to boast that now I don't wanna pick on the governor. I don't want this to turn into a rob KENDALL picks on the governor show. But you realize I'm the only guy that throws the the the metaphorical punches at this, dude. How does it keep getting a free pass? I mean, I have no idea. What are the Democrats? The Democrats in radio I have to do all the work here. Anyway, the governor comes out, and he says in a quote, and we've read this many times on the chicks on the right show. And everybody was laughing today on the. Dual TV show. And I said look. He said he raised the taxes. Now. Maybe that's why do you call him? I I he raised the taxes. I didn't do that. I think you do that. He said, he's a no law can stop evil. But then he goes on to say why we need a law and try to stop evil. Why are we doing this good for publicity? I mean, it would make him. Look great looks like he's a martyr. It makes the everyone who votes for it or pushes it forward. Like good in the eyes of their districts that something they can take back home. That says, hey, my name is attached to it. It's a feel good thing. And if you come out and say, I'm against the hate crimes Bill. You really look.

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