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Houston we have a podcast welcome to the official podcast of the nasa johnson space center episode 23 test pilot to astronaut i'm gary jordan and i'll be your house today so if you knew to the show this is where we bring in next to experts nest scientists engineers astronauts i'll tell you the cools parts about nasa so today we're talking with scott tangle he's a us astronaut and he's about to launch to the international space station in a few days on december 17th 2017 for the very first time we talked about his education going for mechanical engineering his time in the navy as a test pilot his astronaut training and his expectations for his first flight so with no further delay let's go light speed and jump red ahead to our talk with captain scott tangle joy hi mark ghani mark among the lawyer in rj galling do we have on there yeah all right we'll make your thank you so much for coming on the show today um i know this is coming so close to your lawn state already a do you have a what what are your plans immune from now on are you going to be traveling lahti of some training coming up well this is my last trip back to a johnson space center how i'm here for five weeks which sounds like it's a nice long time relaxing new none of that we've got a lot of training um we do we gotta finish up we've got uh integrated simulators with the full crew complement they're coming in from russia and japan to uh to do these simulators finishing up with some of allegations in the epa.

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