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You bring up the the belly to belly. Because i i guess shane. Douglas used a few years ago. But it was like a standing belly to belly. I never understood why no one did the the weapon the ropes and then the belly to belly like you did that. Seemed like a like a move that you could do out of. It seemed to have all of the the criteria. You want an exciting finish. It can come out of nowhere can be decisive. I is that move particularly difficult when it's whip off the road because it doesn't seem like a lotta people picked it up After your career. I mean to me it was very natural thing to do And and i actually did it to somebody in the ring when i was a rookie breaking in and and I had a guy. It was reading her that i was and really know what he was doing. It the rank. And i got so frustrated with him. That could get him to do anything. I just grabbed him and him but like right out of his boots and i realized that i have That's where straight chatter world by lower back fully ability about wrestling mat. Grabbed this game here ability to do that. Move to anybody whether they wanted to go. Didn't want to go didn't matter. I could do it. So i got a put that in on your future use that prevents because basically you're finished you've gotta be an excuse anybody at anytime anywhere and that was something. I can do anybody whether they were. You know two hundred thousand three hundred fifty pounds. I could still doing so for me. It was just came back. So i I remember one. Time does not We were also america's team we. I finally brothers or something. Three them both in the road. So we get a double donnie to belly off the road. So dusty never done the boards life and you know what the big deal he just you know he did it so i think it's that hard. I think it's just a matter. Your guys minds not exciting enough. They're always take something. Yeah they don't think somebody seen before or something that next level of exciting so they've reason overlooked now Speaking of i want to touch on the the knee. Lift of mr wrestling number two. I think i just got done. Rereading jim duggan's book re talks about the worst thing about wasn't the knee with mr wrestling. Too it was that slap on the back that stung. Yeah because that was the sound effect you make it. Hit you to with with the smack and make it sound like that day. Was it you that hard at the chest. And that's where the the power was covered from. So absolutely gotta remember I mean. I always sat ticket to work with it be turned heel but the all blacks play compared to some of the other things we did. The rank gotta by the so after after portland did go to florida. He's ever you went to portland to san antonio for jim blanchard percents bonds and stills a rookie ray hernandez came about the same time. I did not train together for or i'll do three months In the gym was there and He he was of course the young upper coverage slight myself and and while there Mike graham say to Russell something that you can't hip or something and having ostro friendship this bad so comradery and he went on those data about the next. He called me up couple to florida. And so i'm after my first year the business to gamble and Then i spent a year and a half and is that where you met dusty. Yes when i first came there Dory junior was the booker. And so i think for about the first six months dory was booking and then he left dusty came in and you know that within about a week or two got spend some quality time together and we have a lot of common interests. Just a lot of things in life and up a friendship that lasted a lifetime. We're talking with magnum. Ta and he's going to be inducting. His mentor and friend. Dusty rhodes into the nwea legends hall. Zeros this weekend at the charlotte fan fast you can go to. Nwea legends dot com and get. Get some more information. Let's take another phone call for magnum. Ta let's go to seven seven three seven seven three. You're on the live gas with jim valley. Who's this and where are you calling from or what do you got for magnum magnum. Hey my first question. Because i think you're gonna hit on. What if magnum than have this accident in how his impact with you know being in the industry at the time would've changed. I think you're gonna cover that right. We can talk about i. Well i had the same thought but since you can go to something else and y'all can you know talk about that My things he's induction. Dusty rose what do you think my first question is. What are you thinking about. Queiroz having to lead the biggest healthy wrestling company to actually So to speak Be himself to be a wrestler. That's my first of all everything. That business is a journey I think you know cody. you know. Wants to find himself back into the. The cody rhodes character and be self. You know there's a there's a writing staff and a group they're the wwe at creating bangs stuff. The i don't know exactly yeah. I haven't talked with him about it. And talk with his bombshell But yeah i know he wanted to go do some other things you know. I would rule out the fact that thirty backward day I think he goes out and Fruits what he can do You know working as cody rose and get big enough Following and people out there supporting Supporting that that could bring that jerk tobacco. Wwf at some point time. He's still very young man. You got the whole world in front of.

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