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The the effort all the way to the line so so super impressive Dave third patrol. I'm seeing where does it end. I don't know but I can. I have a third of the day apparently it's your show okay and I'm not just pimping the sponsors but I would like to have a third joint of the day. In my my third patrolling of the day is Aso we all know how hot and sexy gravel racing is and everybody talks about dirty cans and all these events that gives gravel gravel gravel and people want to put those events on the industry wants to embrace it they wanna make gravel bikes aches and gravel components and for Aso to lean into gravel. I think is a smart move and for that. I'm GonNa make them might third of the day I loved it. I think they should I think they should you know if in five years you know the trend is is is unicycles think we ought to have a little finish where you gotta ride unison all that to say like it's it is smart to embrace what the world is saying. We like we love this. We wanted to know this so hats off to them and I mean are are there enough gravel roads that they could do much longer or an entire climb. That's gravel. Oh you can emit. Oh absences plenty of that to pick yeah absolutely but I'm not going to let that go. He picks to coney is a turn of the day when you're watching it lands. You are getting frustrated with him. Well we almost let the yellow we watched him. I don't know if you remember but we the days that I would watch the Jiro with with you and Johann he was extremely animated inactive in the tour of Italy but it's always this just he's always kinda whining. He's all hands I know a lot of their their emotion and all this stuff and they get really wound up. It's like dude and then one points pulling off and then just coasting on my in clearly his director came into his ears like by the way you have a chance to take the Jersey so start pedaling the fucking bike which if that's your upside pull while they had a little conversation there too when there was just two or three of them left on the final climb and now as we all know in those moves you always try to come to some sort of arrangement where they let's work together until a Kedah go or you're going to get the yellow. I'll get the win. Something was going on there. Were I think they finally came to an agreement where they would work together and try to keep <hes> keep the time up there. We gotTa Talk About Garin Thomas and Egon Bernal that was at nine second swing from Thomas B in five seconds behind from the gas the other day sending a little message today that I my opinion Thomas made a huge statement today able to bride away from the group that time does move perfectly road away from all of his competitors was on a super steep punchy finish which you know I would have we had the arguably he's much better time trial less than no along gradual sort of climbing specialists of what he did today. He made a massive statement. I agree I completely agree. I mean he being in the saddle to Alabama's just in <unk> hard to do. I was gearing right but well not gravity of your out of the house bringing sliding all over. I wonder what the I'm trying to look for. There's any comments from the riders I I'd be curious to hear and I don't see any appetite curious to hear what they thought of it right. We can all sit here and talk about how much we loved it and Complement Aso for Donen some gravelly hated it. They may all be like this bullshit. We're never we're not doing this again. It'll be interesting to see the reaction but since we since we were so efficient today and we got to the set like this and did our notes like that and we're here we don't we're so fast today..

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