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It was a very public deal. Everybody knows about this deal. I wasn't trying to hide anything. Trump reacting to news of Cohen as he was preparing to board Air Force One for the g twenty summit in Argentina. And route Trump tweeted that he was cancelling his meeting this weekend with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Trump cited Russian aggression against Ukraine in the Black Sea NPR Sammer Keith reports. This was dramatic turnaround less than an hour after telling reporters that he thinks it's quote, a very good time to have a meeting with Putin, President Trump, reversed course, in a tweet sent from Air Force, One Trump said based on the fact that the ships and sailors have not been returned to Ukraine from Russia. I have decided it would be best for all parties concerned to cancel my previously scheduled meeting. Trump had been criticized for keeping the meeting with Putin on the schedule even as other top US officials strongly condemned the Russian action as it stands Trump's highest profile meeting at the g twenty will be a trade discussion over dinner with Chinese president Xi Jinping. Timur Keith NPR news Brennan Argentina a jury has been seated and testimony is underway in the Charlottesville Virginia murder trial of James, Alex fields junior. As NPR's Debbie Elliott reports fields a Neo Nazi sympathizer from Ohio killed one woman and wounded others by ramming his car into counter protesters during a white supremacist rally last summer after three days of jury selection. The court has seated a panel of sixteen twelve jurors and four alternates in opening statements. Prosecutor Nina Anthony told the jury that victim testimony and graphic video evidence will show that fields intentionally crashed his car into anti-racist demonstrators during the unite the right rally defense attorney John hill didn't dispute that fields drove the car through the crowd. He said he will show that fields was scared and thought he was acting in self defense because of the chaotic and ten. Seen Debbie Elliott NPR news Charlottesville, Virginia, the Dow Jones industrial average is down forty nine points at twenty five thousand three hundred seventeen the NASDAQ is down ten points and the S and P five hundred is down four points from Washington. This is NPR news. German pharmaceutical and chemicals company. Bear says it is cutting about ten percent of its global workforce amounting to twelve thousand jobs NPR's, James Dubec reports the company stock prices fallen after a California jury said weed killer made by Bayer subsidiary Monsanto caused a groundskeepers cancer bear stock prices fallen by about thirty percents since August after a San Francisco jury awarded a grounds keeper two hundred eighty nine million dollars in damages the damages were later reduced but bear still faces thousands of new lawsuits now bear says it's cutting costs. It's shedding twelve thousand jobs in the next three years. Many of them in Germany and says it's selling the coppertone brand sunscreens and Dr Scholl's foot products. It also plans to leave the animal health business. Bear says it now wants to concentrate on pharmaceuticals consumer health and crop science James Dubec NPR news, signaling continued strength in the US economy. Consumer spending picked up in October at its fastest pace in seven months and the Commerce Department reports income growth was strong as it had been in nine months, but for many would be home buyers and sellers the fall markets been a little rough. According to the national association of realtors that was evident in a downturn in pending home sales in October part of the reason it's getting more expensive to take out a Loan Mortgage rates have been climbing rates. Have barely changed this week, though, the mortgage shine, Freddie, MAC says the fixed rate on a thirty year loan held steady at four point eight one percent. The rate on the fifteen year loan rose slightly.

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