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Apes Love Ernie because he's always looking for the magic bullet he's usually not wrong. But there's time ways immemorial time immemorial real ways to do things in this world and its bribing politicians. COMEDIANS really comes down to that. It's the gripped man the griff they're all in can't grip and what I want. That's Aaron I wanted to say it say they're going to put their arm around you. They're going to call you those sums up and then you hanging on the envelope of cash theon at the end. That's how it works. I can't mcgovern this. This has been my thing billy shield. You can't collect in money at the church and then handing three thousand dollars to Greg Stanton in cash. That's how it works fired X.. Fire Department chief. Yeah but the church donations or they were collected at Church and small amounts. You know I know billy shields. I'm sure you do let me give you by the way that was in the Arizona Republic so it's not defamation. Anyway this is what happened when I first started doing a lot of this stuff when as scam broke you know there was a big controversy. What so all the sudden they're going to have an ad hoc committee a special Senate Committee Committee? We're doing some committee and they created this thing at the air is an alleged. I forgot all about this to you said his name. They did a group of people they put him because he wrote an article about you know corruption or some crap but what would he do about corruption. He was only the firemen union treasurer. So I went and testified on election law stuff. I forgot all about this. I go in and I gave I can see what's going on. WHO WE BS? Yes and this is just a show thing. It's this this this this billy calls me and he says you're the man they started. They put their arm around you. Give me a job when you look back. You need firemen. They want to hire you and then threat start out now. This is what happened. They had me go down to a fire the station to lift with the firemen lifting weights. We're talking we're Yak and everything. This guy is like the big boy you know. He's a treasure the union the you'll get much higher than that you know so okay. And he's like There was Democrats now. Ten years later there was an initiative initiative that eliminated the Arizona income tax. You remember those guys did that and we would deliver pizzas pizza. Restaurant drivers were a lot of were libertarians and they were delivering to the Firemen Union. Guys that were the opposition to that mission and they were just chat him up and talk. Doc Nee get tell them everything and give them a pizza and pizza driver. What are we tell them everything? We'll love to talk yeah. The Golf Caddy Valet Club of TATA. We we we had all kinds of contacts man. We're learning all the kind of stuff so our like what the heck I even saved A. It was a big check to one hundred and something dollars ninety cash for a long time. I just had it from them by pizza from me and I just put it in a little brother it so what happened. Ten seniors pray previous to that and then we had you know they got that taken. It was on the ballot had the signatures and they had it removed. All it's multiple issues and not allowed to do that and I could see a poison pill they knew it was gonNA pass. They add a people behind it so they had a group give a chunk of money if they would would include in this elimination of the state income tax that all congressional candidates had the sign whether they were going to eliminate the national income tax or not so it was multiple issue and John Pill Boys and Phil from the beginning and John warned him he goes. Look you can't do you know no one. Unlisted because it's a great idea and everyone in it because they then those you did sneak their way in you know how this works a lot of people doesn't they don't know I'm looking I'm gonNA look. They're doing this on purpose. They're not helping you you know. It's like the legislators come to our vaccine education summit thing they want to find a jump in front of and you know they're going to. I told them they're sitting going traders. I I just want you guys to know you play this game. You do it my new best friend. I will ask him seem so McQueen and these I know because today it's today it's an open air bazaar of corruption it's as scam every senate and of every that's scam. I am broke because it was like this. This is what the Teneo thing I did. Did you hear my thing would Corbett. I didn't at corporate looked at it when he didn't really do the research. I was hoping that he would do because he was going. Ernie why do you care. It's specter. Ryo is literally James. Bond specked backed Teneo intelligence in every capital around the world. We were worried that you knew you were awesome. Oh Strategy Consulting today L. even have public pension management Teneo public pension managed Nail Holdings Holdings as as umbrella corporation operation. They have to NATO logistics. It's called it's called something else. But it's a Timoteo subsidiary that moved the uranium one uranium to Russia. They've got it. Aw Man got its specter show and I had a article called spectre with the logo on it that I put out. I don't know if I got that from you by. Here's how saw you know. And and James The reason is because this is the first time except it reminded me a win asking before broke that legislative. Or call me in your shoes to Gary. They're like Sandra Day or explaining it to me. Now you gotta go. Why are you here? What you where's your envelope? Slope with. Cash the hell you said you had support of the exporters got it. Yes supports he wanted me to find out what I'm sorry. I didn't know support men in a bag of cash. Give me your your sear glossary about today. Oh like this. Imagine ask him. But there's a consulting firm as a layer ear on top of all that corruption and they make everything look nice and legal and they've got billions dollars but now extend that consulting firm if you will on a global basis has to every capital in the world every state every intelligence agency every everything there that consulting layer that keeps things nice and clean when the money comes out and then to the politics you know what I found out. There's a thing called APCOA. ABC Oh it's like I think that's what it was. It was like tornadoes younger or older brother or something from the United Kingdom and they was doing research they merged or they're trying to buy out. Its you know one. It's like having the when the Internet started. And you had all these on ramp and indirect everybody in your grandma was had some servers in the back of their gun store or something and they're selling thirty dollars a month to get your audio access to whatever and they all got bought up and they all got consolidated and then Google bought everything and then everything's at and T. variety is you could see it happening and it was going on an international scale so Corbett was like what the hell it's Tuesday man. Of course they're doing this and I'm going. I had this feeling before I mean it was a choked up. Can You WANNA cry thing you know and I. I'm going there so convinced that they can do this so filled with Hubris that they're doing it on the New York freaking stock exchange you can invest in corruption are us and it was set there to go in February area. Seventeen January that we after the inauguration. Yeah I think it was early February and I think it was right after the inauguration that they were doing and it was when Hillary Clinton.

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