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And he he is the guardian of our show and merely the conductor or care about fannies focus baseball presented by linked in jobs trade deadline. Week tristan has already been a couple of trades and exciting. Ones that we've written about and we're expecting a lot more action the rest of this week. It's kind of odd. You don't often see trades like one week before you often see teams waiting until the last minute to make deals but You know like minnesota wait another week nelson cruz or pittsburgh another week. On adam frazier. Maybe they would have gotten more but good for these teams. Were acting early. I mean they should have acted a month ago. In in a way. I mean in a fantasy sense. Don't wait until your trade deadline do it a month before or weeks before you. You need the help for the rest of the season. I never understood that in fantasy like i have a league where the trade deadline where everything happens. I'm like oh. I want to do it a week before. Procrastination among the fantasy managerial crew Yeah we we do advise that often. We've already done it on this show. Several times deals in early It cruise is a big name that far in advance of that deadline. The only thing. I can theorize just with the deadline being a true deadline this year in a full season. This is the second time that's happened with two thousand nineteen. Were they instituted. That's probably what it's about we're going to see. I think we're gonna see bigger names. And i think we're gonna see at least three of them between now and friday w i i hope so I wanna see you know. We know the names on the cubs are trying to move a lot of their players. A lot of teams need starting pitching. Max scherzer would be a big key. Here you know so. That would be interesting but Nelson cruz i mean. Is there going to be hitter as good as nelson cruz traded. I doubt it. I mean is a guy who has the most baseb- over the last eight years and his top three over the last three. He's he's not showing signs of decline. And you put them in tampa bay's lineup and it makes everybody around him better. It makes me like austin meadows more in g. man choi and maybe not wonder francke who goes from like second or third in the line up to like six or seven but it stabilizes their new lineup and you know nelson cruz isn't going to slump. He's just really really good. But i don't think this is makes him more valuable and fantasy do you. Maybe a little bit because of the pieces around him knocking. More run-scoring morons. I don't i don't think it does. I don't think it matters whether it does or not. I think his value is still going to be excellent as it was previously. The the little known. I tweeted about that. That will bring it up. He actually gains in the process schedule. Schedule-wise five non interleague games The rays of already gotten a lot others out of the way and nationally parts where they lose the he has an ability here to play very high volume of games for a team that loves to mix and match. And i don't think he's the kind of player that you sit to mix and match so i think he plays just about as much the only real negative is that. It's a huge ballpark downgrade. Going from minnesota the tampa bay. But i'm not sure it matters with him. You mentioned it a guy who's not really showing declined. He's a forty one year old who's career curve. Looks like a thirty one year old. Which means tiny tiny little bits of downturn but not enough that you really be actionable. you know. it's it's not a bad spot for him. To be in front of you mentioned bronco could lose value. Going to six hidden behind those guys with high on base percentage is. Maybe it's not as bad as we think. It just means a fewer as i agree with that and i would have liked to have that information before i filed my story on nelson cruz. That the rays of already played all their d. h. road games Or their interleague road games. But that's gordon over to. I believe this. Well that's a big deal Adam frazier again. His value doesn't change very much. You can make a case better lineup. More runs scored. He's going to lead off. I soon for san diego play. Second base and outfield. I think this is bad. News if you invested in our hosmer but if you're investing in our costumer bad news all season long anyway But i think adam fraser's and underrated player more viable. Well i mean. The base sits are valuable anywhere. Batting average is important but it really only category guy in rotor leagues not obey steeler not a power more valuable points leagues. You know. Adam frazier took a while for people to even adam frazier this season fantasy. I remember looking back in. May he was available and half a leagues. Yeah i'm not sure. I'm totally aligned with your valuation of fraser here. But i don't think it's a it's a bad move for him. The problem is they've now dropped them into a san diego lineup. Where they're perfect position to do the mixing and matching that the dodgers and the rays. And the as do and that's going to. It's going to cost somebody plankton. I'm with you. i think it's eric hosmer a against lefties i think it's probably will meyers against righties. But guys like j cronin worth are gonna lose a game here there. Adam frazier himself is going to lose again here there. Trent grisham is here there. And you could go up and down the line. But i think the other ones don't really get affected or fernando. Totti's manny machado. I don't think they're going to sit really in this scenario and i'm not so sure. Frazier is the everyday leadoff man. He might be but he's really no better at this than either tommy against lefties or trunk. Rishon against righty. So i'm curious to see that first lineup like the first line if they throw his he's gotta be the easy he's he's not superior to them. They're leaving the major leagues hits and he might wanna batting title and he. He's he has no problem against left handed pitching like i don't know why they wouldn't just leave them alone. I i see your point eight like this isn't a guy you bet six either so to me. His values pretty steady on basis. Fight against lefties. Enwright why were they not lead them off. If that before this year he has not been good against lefties. He should not be leading. Offer them against lefties. They should be playing tommy against lefties and leader off. There's really mean no doubt in my mind that that's what they should do. The huge grades you think. There's a risk here of frazier losing playing time but not cruise. I think that there's an issue where somebody on the padres who matters is gonna lose it in might be spread across several players including frazier including cronin worth. I think the the the right way to play this as frazier leads against righties. He probably that's seven three if he plays against lefties. And you have to downgrade each guy like a buck in value or ten to fifteen rankings. But it probably doesn't make much of a difference. But i don't like it that i just don't i. Don't think the slammed up. Let's talk about the teams left behind here. Minnesota trades cruiser. Line books a whole lot. Different brett rooker. I soon be their d. h. Now and pittsburgh gets back to capri preto marcano. Who's a lot like frazier a powerless guy. Not a good percentage efficient base base-stealer but should hit for average. I don't know he'll get that chance this year. We might go right to the minor leagues. But is there anything here for these two bad teams now. Minnesota was supposed to be a good team. I think they were my world series. Big don't listen to eric. A delight brennan rooker marcano guy. You're gonna add and only any interest there. Yeah and i think we're talking only leagues with roker and marcano and i like this has been here. That marquan was a great opportunity. The pirates really could throw him in there. He's already had major league. Experience wasn't great with the padres when he got it but he should play pretty often and does have similar. Production to frazier. I don't think he's going to get the hit rate. There's no way he's going to match that rooker. Three two outcomes guy but you know there's value in that and he batted. I was sitting yesterday about actually the best as he added. Yeah it's a great opportunity for he's gonna kill your batting average body. The on-base percentage leaks kinda interesting. You know so. I wrote about the hitters over the weekend and you wrote about the pitcher being traded richhill. Who goes from tampa bay minnesota and very strange move. I assumed when i first thought hard the trade that was about salary because they are picking up crews they needed to dump off hill. That's not the case then. I assume this means shane. Baz is getting promoted into his rotation spot Which i think would have been the lead of my story. I don't like hill as much with the meth..

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