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Because one trip the broaches fried in while. Worse when they went in. He wants to push it has a protein sack until they come out. Yeah. I think you've got to really push. It hasn't quite caught on yet. No kidding. Oil. But then the off the taste is exactly how you would imagine cockroaches to taste. Okay. So crappy right. If you don't try it you will regret your decision. Forever. Says one. David McKenzie CNN. My God what happened to this world? And we'll put this on the poll, Dan. Okay. You're a reporter. Yes. Sent to cover a story on cockroach farm. Gotcha. Right. Do you a cover the story, right? Be. Leave the career altogether. Be sure. Yeah. I'm out or what about the idiot that goes there and covers then each one. Well, but that that's just it. It's probably he's got sweeps on his mind. He's got he's got real tape. You know, he's got I need CNN to notice me. So they can transfer me out of China. Pig. I need to get on LA radio pig s. That's what he is. Knows cockroaches. Like that the worst right? All right. Well, what can you tell your producer wants you to take all kinds on camera? So it says, yes. Eat one. Oh, sorry. Let's story. Lifetime is being sued. Everybody over this are Kelly deal. I imagine right picture that with the business watching lifetime Christmas movie. I know you watched a lot of those. But imagine you see your family's real photograph used as a prop. Ooh, flattering way. That's what happened to the Alaa family who is now suing lifetime after they say, they were humiliated, film Christmas harmony, here's the scene now, where the title character harmony goes to hang their family photo to the wall. Oh, boy is interesting because they're supposed to clear all that stuff. Right before they use it.

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