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Let's give the information. One more time. How to buy a ticket if you'd like to come join me can't join me on stage where you can join me in the theater on November second. Yeah. Friday. Eight pm Friday November second at Benaroya hall. You can buy tickets at if you call six two one five four seven four seven or go to bed Arroyo hall dot org or you can go to Luma guild L U MAGA dot org, which is part of Seattle Children's hospital. And it's all proceeds in fact, all of your ticket. We'll go straight to kids families and research. Seattle children's. Let's hear it for. Up next. It's food for thought. Tasty trivia time here in the hot stove society kitchen radio ninety seven three. Furnace on the Fritz count on your local Brian dealer to do whatever. It takes to bring the heat when things get chilly. Find your local dealer at Bryant dot com. Bryant whatever it takes attention to detail and friendly knowledgeable service to make your home comfortable for rebates up to one thousand six hundred fifty dollars. Call gas appliances service, two six six three two five thousand gas appliance service. The oldest company with the newest ideas for big days. The Tacoma holiday food and get festival October eighteenth through the twenty-first hundreds of thousands of unique gifts arts and crafts holiday decorations. Live entertainment, tasty, gourmet foods, a forty five foot hanging Christmas tree and cooking demonstrations sponsored by renewal remodels and additions and Bates technical college, plus two tiny homes seen on TV and see the grand opening of the Tacoma dome. The Tacoma holiday festival open daily ten AM holiday gift shows dot com. I'm Tom Shane..

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