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What do you think about when you hear the word philosophy? Maybe nothing at all, which is totally fine. Or maybe it makes you think of a stuffy seminar room, or marble bust of dead Greek guys, or giant books, written a long time ago, with little to say about your life. But philosophy is meant to be accessible to everyone. At its best, it speaks to issues we all face every day in the here and now. Vox conversations has a new monthly series called the philosophers. Each episode focuses on the ideas of a philosopher or a school of thought from the past, and explains why they still matter today. I talk with some really smart professors, but this is not a college course. We're talking about things that are relevant, and vital, and we're interested in ideas that crystallize the world around us. Check out our episode on how Albert Camus can help us understand the war in Ukraine. Or our newest episode on how Hannah arendt describes the political dangers of loneliness. Listen to the philosophers with me, Sean hailing, every month, right in the vox conversations feed. Check out these chords..

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