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Causing big delays on the Bronx Whitestone bridge still getting down the queen's better to the Bronx and across on the park we still have a north manager make you a on to that south on Whitestone expressway ramp now here's the forecast for the W. CBS weather center tonight will be as cold as recent nights it'll turn out mostly clear lo thirty five in mid town twenties in most areas north and west of the city presidents day tomorrow looks good by February standards it'll be mostly sunny and mild with a high of forty eight guys turn cloudy tomorrow like little thirty five and then Tuesday look for cloudy skies with rain starting by mid day I will be near fifties will be mild again but look for turn colder again starting Wednesday in Metuchen it's forty five degrees in Nanuet it's forty degrees and here in Manhattan forty three under partly sunny skies more than just the headlines this is WCBS newsradio eight eighty the term budget would eliminate fifty specialized bomb sniffing dogs at New York City transit hubs senator Schumer says those dogs are needed the administration also takes aim at new Jersey's access to anti terror grants the trump White House defends Attorney General William Barr made calls for his resignation there are now three hundred fifty confirmed coronavirus infections on that cruise ship in Japan that is being evacuated in sports the Bruins leading the Rangers one to nothing in the second period at the garden devil's house Columbus at six o'clock partly sunny and forty three on this Sunday February sixteenth good afternoon I'm John Metaxas EE CBS news time four thirty one senator Schumer is fighting a trump administration plan to eliminate fifty bomb sniffing dogs take New York City transit hubs W. CBS is Mike Sugerman reports senator Chuck Schumer is growling at the White House by now I'm here today to play.

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