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Now, here's great pasta and Tim Riot explosives back in the 40 Niner offense. Today, they do nothing of a detonate all day today, Jeff Wilson Jr. About catching the ball on the touchdown. The run I had a big 34 yard run a 25 yard run George Kittel and catches for 24 27 23 just exploding all over the field. One more note about Jeff Wilson. Junior 183 yards now most heard went for 220 in something called the NFC Championship, gave it four touchdowns. So we're going just regular season where Wilson Junior did the day 183 yards Rushing is the most for afforded her back. Since Carlos Hyde went for 1 93 against the Jets and 2016. So ah, great performance from from Jeff Wilson Jr With most of going on I R yesterday. We didn't know who he is and ankle and hamstring. He kind of fights through it all and I see a battering ram with speed, and he sure is And if I remember and the Jets game, they lost that game to the to the Jets. One hiding to recall that is we had all those yards. Jeff Wilson, and I mean, you look at the New England game. You look at this one, and he just pulled the pin on the grave. That's it. I mean, he is just He is not going to be denied when he gets going downhill, and he's got great timing in terms of setting up the blocks and wind to cut Um, you know, and I think Bobby Turner has been great for him, and it's really coveted him and coached him because that guy who got here is a free agent from North Texas that was on the practice squad, his development since then, the what he is now is remarkable. And it's just whenever he's on the field. He is a scoring threat, both as a receiver and as a runner, and when he gets that kind of blocking in front of them and again, juice just leading the way and And Kettle. But the wide receivers getting involved for as much flak is McGlinchy has gotten this year and in your number three and he has been challenged to get some really good ad rushers. There's no doubt And his pass protection has to been picked has to pick up. He is a dominant run blocker. Whether he's blocking down or he's pulling out in space, tracking up linebacker safeties their corners. He is dominant. And once again, I mean, we all know about Trent Williams. And I think he was out of the game for maybe one play in this in this game today, but was back and he was caving down the whole right side of that that defensive line. For the Arizona Cardinals. But the guy right next to him never gets any credit. Laken Tomlinson once again, paving the way by knocking people out of the out of the running lanes for the running, But that was a little surprised. You didn't get more attention for the Pro Bowl. We thought he could be a pro bowler left car. But keep in mind. There's no actual Pro Bowl game, so there's no game for the players to get out of, or if they go to the Super Bowl, so no alternates were chosen. This year. 40 Times had four Pro Bowls last four pro bowlers last year, they had eight alternates. I think Blake it Lincoln would have been alternately may have slipped into the game. If there actually was a Pro Bowl game. The 40 Niners today 398 yards and they ran for 2 27. And again, they do it on the ground with 30 more rushing attempts, which is the magic formula. They didn't get it last week in Arlington, but they're 13 and one when they when they run the ball for 30 or more times. In the game, so we should mention CJ thirds play. I mean, obviously, Jeff Wilson Jr was terrific. I'll use check, but C J played basically error free football. He had the one that was really close or not. But you didn't turn the ball over with their like neck was just turning it over way too much. CJ made some big throws when he had to. He also had the zone read when he pulled it out and write for 17. He looked like a different player. Today. You got sacked three times in the first half. Tim, turn the ball over one time. The first half no sacks, nor turns in the second half. Yeah, And I think the turnover certainly wasn't his fault. It was really I mean, you could. It looks so much like the DaMarcus Lawrence played last week against Nick Mullins. Where was the hand coming forward? Was the ball loose? It was It was really close. That was a great play by Hassan Reddick as it was, Bye bye, Laurence against Nick Mullins but saw CJ getting out of the pocket. I think he can doom or of it, especially when he's not being hurried and he's going through his progressions. And there's nothing there instead of throwing that check down on a 3rd and 10 that might get two yards, extend the play, Get yourself outside the pocket and use those legs because he's got him and he can use them, and it just opens it up. For everybody else on the football field, and defensively we talked about some guys stepping up and we've talked about secondary in and out on the island. The cornerback play was terrific. The safety play was physical. Fred Warner did not have to make every play today He had 14 tackles, though in a fumble recoveries still made a lot of plays and and the bat and ball that he had on the big. The Big Fourth Down was humongous by him. That play was made in the film room, and it was great seeing as they tried to Tried to hit the slant behind him. Um, I got Jordan Willis played well, and I thought D J. Jones once again showed up big time. I love when last chance you gets on the quarterback, and he got on the quarterback couple times in this game and Looks like he was grinding it out through some injuries. So there's a guy that's playing for a contract and any time they put him out there and he's healthy, and that's been it's really only issue. He's a very good run defender standing people up. Chewing on double teams at the line of scrimmage, and he's got a better pass rush and people give him credit for whenever he gets that opportunity, But you're young safeties today. I know you're concerned not having Jimmy War to various more. Marcel Harris said he'd be here and there every once in a while, but your various 11 tackles Marcil it eight tackles today, and when they tackle people remember it because they're not just Dragged down tackles, and that's the biggest thing anytime you're going against. You know a team like this that wants to stretch the field and then look deep, and then they feel they used the backs a lot, and I think not having Edmund's once they knocked him out of the game. I think, certainly put them behind it in terms of the ability and the caliber of receiver it running back, But Any time they were thrown it underneath whether it was to the tight end running back or to a wide out. They were getting tattooed by that tackling Kenyon Drake at 18 carries just 45 yards, but where they really missed admits that he was on the two point conversion. That's a play. He would come in and get into a flat. They had to go to the don't know what they were tracked back to the guy with those arms and those hand you don't want to throw the ground ball. That's my calamari did a lot more coming your way. 40 Niner speed Arizona By a score of 20 to 12 a lot more coming on a 40 Niners postgame show right here on the U. S Bank 40 Niners radio network In every 40 Niners.

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