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This is the Steve stuff, Edie show. Good morning, Wisconsin. Welcome to the Wednesday edition. It is the 20th Day is Inauguration Day, and just for the heck of it will throw a couple other ones in national DJ Day and for all of us in Wisconsin's national cheese lovers Day, Mike Small. Imagine that every Jane said. On the way out Every day is she's Lovers Day in Wisconsin. I can't I can't disagree with her. But it's for my mom. You know, Once a week that happens, I don't know what the deal is with the turning in my 20 years. You're working radio Mike a lot of 10 years And this probably happened to be 100 times you never get it never gets old. We got you we got it's good to finally be seen and heard as Wisconsinites with the cheese Lovers Day. Yeah, it's Zara. Little bit of a little bit of recognition. I mean, you know Make one of the few says I've never worn one of the game and I see a lot of people that do that. Which is fine. I love the little kids with their cheeseheads on that. That's cool, but I would never wear one. If I am lucky enough to get tickets. For Sunday's game and giving the forecast I will have my full beaver hat on, you know, covering the years ago. That's good. Yeah, yeah, heavy coach. Layered, You know, it's gonna be the full experience and As much as I'd love to see 80,000 fans. They're screaming to Tom Brady. If I get tickets You got plenty of room to spread out. You know, you can really stretch the arms out your little your little group. It's not great video shot from the game last Saturday, it was four fans. And eight beers. All four of them Well, I was thinking it was cold out, and there's not, you know, one of the great things about Lambo. Historically is you get to be close to people like you insulate yourselves. Good luck out there. Steve. Come on Sunday, So we'll know unfortunate will be an inauguration coverage, so I'll either have to reveal that we'll break in. We'll break in breaking news. I mean, maybe a big job, and Gene asked me I will be sad if I don't get tickets because I do. I've never missed. The big Games have been a Super Bowls and NFC Championship game saw that horrible ending to the Giants game and 20 in the 27 27 season, the championship game and it's your agency has to be one of the cooler experiences right? The Super Bowl. It looks stale. I don't know The feeling is, I'm sure it's awesome to be there, but just looks and sounds. But the championship games you let's do or die. I'm sure people just rabbit. It is it Z all or nothing right. You gotta win the game. Otherwise your season ends. And and there's this this harsh reality. Remember sitting and sitting there I was sitting outside for the The 24 7 lost the Giants, who eventually went on to win the Super Bowl on D just feeling like drain because it was just long field goal waiting for, you know, I was hoping to miss that they would miss. But it went over the cross part and we lost, and I mean, there's a lot of expect expectations for that team this year. Then I had to happen in that happier memory with the Super Bowl in in 2020 20 season actually played in 2011, a supervisor. I've told the story on the air. My wife broke her wrist during the game. High fiving a crazy fan was so great. I think it was on the third touchdown. That was put the package of 21 3 crazy guy going up the stands that whatever that's called now, aged 18 few stadium still, I don't know. Oh, yeah, um Just high 51. High fives. Kathy, She looks at me like with this kind of weird look and says that really hurt. Fast forward after the game. We're at the post party at the Packers Hotel, and she her wrist is like three times normal size. I said, Suck it up. We'll go to the hospital after the party's over and that's what we did. So we got the emergency room. Early in the morning. Wee hours of the morning. She was fine. She recovered. She made it. Her wrist is good as new, but that's commitment As a fan. That's why I'm kind of kind of show you that is commitment. You break your wrist. I'll be in the celebration. You hang on, not just for the game, post game celebration, and then you go to the hospital. That's what she did. That's why she's a good family. We're not. We're not leaving the Super Bowl. Here's what's not happening, Not the face value. The tickets is like 100 bucks or 900 bucks or something outrageous and that we're not gonna leave this simple, so she is literally Ticket watch so at 10 o'clock, so we're roughly an hour and what 20 minutes away from? She's gonna be calling, like other season ticket holders with that magic code to get into Ticketmaster. And hopefully get our hands on four tickets were also about an hour and 20 minutes away from something else happening. Don't know if you heard or not. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Last day Trump's presidency an inauguration day for new President Joe Biden. Absolutely. It is Inauguration Day today. Quick programming note. Stevens you mentioned We will carry the inauguration ceremony starting at 10 o'clock this morning. 10 06 to be exact, so he was kind of what you're going to be looking at What we're going to be hearing throughout the day. Proceedings are set to begin at 10, A.m. and invocation by Reverend Leo Joo Donovan, Jesuit priest, also former President of Georgetown University, Close friend to the Biden family. The Pledge of Allegiance, then will be led by firefighter Andrea Hall, the national anthem shortly after Lady Gaga will be performing that a poetry reading by Amanda Gorman. Musical performance. Jennifer Lopez will be performing not sure what she will be doing well, chilly out there today and then the benediction by Reverend Dr Sylvester Beeman, and then we'll take the oath of office. And we'll be on to the next phase of the next president. When he gives a speech to he will give a speech that you have been were into the presidency. Walk me through the J Lo thing. How does that fit into this? I mean, she's a dancer, right? And a singer is that it is like a dance performance. What is it like at the ceremony or somewhere else so it Beyonce did. Barack Obama and 2012. She I think was a performer at the inauguration, saying not a ballad, but you know, not a not a typical song and dance. They usually dressed for the occasion a coat because it's like 25 degrees out there in D. C. I can't even think of a J. Lo song. To be honest with you waiting for tonight. Which I guess he doesn't have to wait for tonight. No, I'm waiting for 10 A.m.. I'm curious to see what that's about. What? We'll hear it live right here in Wtmj. It's an exciting day for America. Take the politics out of it. This doesn't happen that often. This is our 46th president. I actually have some trivia facts that I'll get to in the nine o'clock trivia Inauguration, fax. Fun stuff from all these years of having inaugurations. First one was in New York City, actually did you know that? I did I do now? Yeah, not in, of course, because there wasn't a Capitol building that Yeah. So what about you? I'm the one with the fax. Well, I had some time this morning. You know, I only got about an hour's showed a plan because we have all this live coverage. Well, what will I be doing between the tenant? Noontime Jordan looking at me like Jordan's is napping. Yeah, Yeah, I'm not really a napper Jordan, So you should really know your host better than that. I'm not an apple butt. While George is five. Wow. Wow, He's harsh this morning to get enough sleep last night. All right. Good. All right, so he's rested. All right, So, yes, we have full coverage and let's do this. Take a break after the break. Word Pardon came into play very early this morning. Not a lot of surprises, but a few will get to those Steve Mike Spaulding Jordan Gazza reality is always doing his.

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