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Sisters, New Jersey woman busted for prostitution played a pretty dirty trick on her sister. Trying to beat. The rap identifying herself to cops as her younger sibling. Samantha. Hugh humanly was stopped by police in Paterson New Jersey on a prostitution related charge. But identified herself as twenty year old Jacqueline Humani who lives in Florida and is studying to become a teacher. City officials have said Samantha miss identified herself twice when she was being charged and then did not show up in court face charges causing warrants to be issued for her sister Jacqueline. Who plans to teach kids with disabilities? Recently learned to the situation when a background check for her work reveal the pending charges having a potential criminal record could literally ruined my future career as a teacher Jacqueline said in an interview the sisters father, Brian. So that his elder daughter is a heroin addict, whom he has not seen for years. The family moved Morris county Florida more than ten years ago. He said a few years later Samantha who was sixteen at the time ran away and went back to New Jersey. We don't blame her for what she's done. Well, you should she's she has warrants and she's trying to stay out of jail. We blamed Paterson New Jersey. Brian his wife Cynthia been trying to clear their younger daughter Jacqueline's name since the citation and a five hundred and thirty dollar fine for failing to appear in court were sent to her family said that they were also fighting four thousand dollar Bill mail to Jacqueline after Samantha checked into the emergency room at Paterson hospital, and at what dinovite herself as her sister shortly after getting the police citation at this point. It's out of our hands. At Patterson leaky Tony Oswald. Only the court can dismiss the warrant and take it from her criminal record Oswald said he was unsure if Samantha gave the cops wish you the tickets any identification. She didn't have she didn't have ID. And so if you don't have ID, you just give any name, and then they have to kind of check up on it. And trust your word for it. She gave her sister's name and now her sister's stuck with all of this on record. It will eventually be cleared up. Apparently. But she's way worse than Cinderella's evil says Boehner candidate number three. All right. Let's review the first to vote learner candidate number one. I got a gun full of deadly aids bubbles so man, robbing a Bank with a bubble gun a bubble gun in Israel Boehner. Candidate number two. You know, what she's a face liquor and a crutch grabber, and that's inappropriate a four and a city Commissioner resigning after the allegations of drunken face licking and crotch-grabbing and Boehner candidate number three. You just heard it. He's way worse than Cinderella's evil sisters. All right. Let's.

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