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Over here. That was my Kersey when Nick Kappa driving the twenty nineteen ram rebel. He twenty nineteen Texas off road truck of the year. Thanks, Texas motor presses us the Asian. We're back with more on the let's talk wheels radio network. The second level. Like I've provided you with a block party right now. All that's missing is food and drink seriously. This isn't even like a cookout barbecue. Whatever term, you used to describe the cookout. This is like legit block party. I've rented out I've got the ordinance and everything we've got six or seven blocks neighborhood blocks, zoned off to have a festival. That's really what this is, is a collective festival in which we can all enjoy the fact that the Knicks set out to get one kid and one kid that they could market, the hell out of and sell out MSG. And now what do you have? You're gonna have to settle for somebody else and somebody else, it doesn't necessarily mean they're not going to be good. It just means. Somebody else is not Zion Williamson, the second level weekdays from one to six AM eastern on SP nation radio. Do you like stories about poker gambling the racetrack the mafia, then check out the dynamic new novel, Jesus just left Chicago from gal media's Fred Fowler? When a mysterious biker shows up knows the winner of every race a group of lifetime losers become convinced he something supernatural, but success leads to jealousy, the trail and danger at.

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