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The best movie reviewer in the business. No question about it. I have some more questions that I want to get to Ken dog couple of regarding the Oscars. And then a movie that I had never heard of. And I want to ask him about because I was intrigued by this one too. But before we do that we let the listeners go first Lewis is joining us from me, Sacramento. Howdy lewis. Hi, paul. Hi. Hi. Hello. I. Actually last night. I rented on IT. I watched at eternity gates that will leave the facility on the tobacco. Oh, yes. Yes. And have you seen it? I've only seen portions of it. I got a copy of it. That was bad. Unfortunately for screener. And I want to watch it again. Now, it's available. I'm going to I'm going to rent it on Amazon and check it out. I mean, obviously buffalo coaching it. You know, the story launcher most people do some of the one man show with low. Fun of law could have been one man Broadway. Yeah. And I've heard there's been I don't know if I recall controversy that sounds too much, but there have been a little bit of discussions about the murder plot. Of some kind with with him in it. And some people are like, yeah, that's real another like that's fake. That's one of the registered in seeing it all the way through. Interrupting right up at the very end about a book on that. I found extremely interesting. It's like a one or two cents each about long. I thought that was interesting. Yeah. Kind of like a coda. The movie I found to be rather slot. I did want to just pick up real briefly. What you talked about a movie what plans portfolio, right? Take you someplace movie that I saw recently that good one more than the other, but your movie buff. I would highly recommend both of these different than anything else you'd ever want. One of them is under the skin which. Which? Under the skin is that the one with Scarlett Johansson. Oh, yes, I've seen that one time. Rony break watch the trailer. Absolutely blew me away. Okay. The other one the other one is. The ex machina ex- ex- one of the better science fiction films in the last ten years or so. What? Psychological. Oh, yes. It is pure science fiction. My wife hated it. Because she thought it was supposed to be an action film. And it's like, no, no, no. Mindell up empathic. But I'd love to hear your your take on both of those movies. You said your movie lover. You hear people talk about movies that you watched in exchange viewpoint from all really when you said that you liked one a little better than the other. I'm taking it under the skin is the one you prefer the I love both the little skin with maybe one notch more. So intriguing about it with a lot of the lack of dialogue. Yeah. There's very little dialogue in this film. Now, some people may be put off by the pacing. 'cause I I would call it leisurely. So there's a lot of stuff where it takes a lot of time for things to happen. In the meantime, it's replaced by atmosphere, which is very very good. But if you want a quick, boom, boom, boom, you're going to be disappointed. But if you want to soak it in that's it is a movie that literally soak atmosphere. Oh in watch it in a room. I tell you at the beginning you'll be gone come on what's going on. In the last off just like whole month is this would this be considered? What what John removing very much under the skin is almost like fi horror. Okay. Well, that's interesting. Whore. Always. Rainbow unicorn. Always. Well, let let me clarify. The first half is definitely the setup is definitely hor based very much. I would I would compare it to the shining in terms of tone. It does change a little bit more into an alien sci-fi kind of hybrid in the second half of the film. See what you're talking about joining us. But again, you say that Lewis said this is a movie with very little dialogue. From the main character. Yes, you know, what it doesn't need it? Okay. That needed at all. Well, glad you brought that up actually Lewis is I want to now discuss a couple of more movies, it may sort of fit that sort of same realm. So Lewis, it's a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you. Thanks for calling in tonight. So I want to mention two other movies one when he says that it has very little dialogue movie that I truly enjoyed years ago. I think maybe two thousand very I don't know. I can't really remember exactly when it came out. Maybe two thousand six you'll know better than me, obviously, had very little dialogue and to this day. I look at that movie as wow was that an intense movie apocalypse, though. Yes. Yes. Mel Gibson direct that was just follow up to the passion of the Christ apocalyptic, which had very little dialogue and sometimes. When they decided to talk. It was all subtitled. Yeah. Yeah. And and I'm not a I'm not a guy is going to go seek out a movie that Saul subtitles. But man, I that one right there. There are some extremely intense moments. Well, that movie where I was just blown away. It's the first time you've actually ever seen that dramatized from the point of view of the Mayan slash Inkens, flashing lights. And then the then the the the sub-tribes if you will the ones that were victimized. Yeah. And the guy who plays Jaguar paw is just dynamic again without dialogue and Mel Gibson can framing action piece like you can not believe. Yeah. There's a part again. I mean, it's an old movie. But I always feel like I'm giving something away when they're up on the I guess the temple or whatever. About to happen. I it takes your breath away. What are you going to say I was just gonna say with the superheroes onerous seeming to of run its cycle again. And again seems like Roma Downey and some of those folks are coming back now with there's a project that's coming out called Jesus. The story of Jesus Christ. You know, you've got this film that you're discussing right now. I'm wondering if the the prophetic if the religious if if that's the direction that we're going to start seeing the trend going as opposed to superheroes. Actually, I'm thinking, it'll always have a the religious ones will always have a powerful niche and especially around March and April because they know when they get their audiences. But you're seeing diversification. There is one oh, man. It's got Christie Mets from this is us, and it's about a kid who falls in the ice and for the life of me. I can't remember the title. But it's another one about faith, but it's grounded in faith and Mike Colter from Luke cage a net. Flicks is in it. It actually looks pretty good. I'm not a profoundly religious. But I do enjoy movies that discuss it. I do enjoy movies to discuss faith on an earth level. You know? Level human level. Not not the cramming down your exactly exactly and they see these studios. Are the religious studios are doing it more subtly? Now, they're giving you human experience and backdrop against the frame of faith, which works. I don't know. How big that is? But it's been getting a little bit bigger. And I think it's going to remain powerful niche to jump back into the movies without a diet without too much dialogue. I didn't know anything about this movie. I guess I missed the boat last year on this one. Maybe you guys have seen it. What I understand about it. He kind of reminded me of Lewis's call about under the skin. I have no idea if it's even anything like it. But but the kind of. Where he was describing it I want to know more about a movie called a quiet place. Oh, oh, well, you I don't know if you remember I review of it. But it was in my top ten and PG thirteen horror films, usually leave me cold because you're missing something. It doesn't have to be grew in gore, but the intensity that you can get with an R film has to be there. This one proved me wrong PG thirteen it has a lot of violence, but it's implied violence, and this is a masterpiece of sound design. Okay. Because when I was listening to the sound is what they were doing using egg timers and things not even that. But the lack of sound for the first half of the film, especially nobody wanted to eat their popcorn because it's almost like a silent film. Okay. Because of the premise, you have these creatures that have invaded. You don't know why or how they get the name, but they hunt. They're blind. But they hunt strictly by sound their entire head is an ear. It can they can. I mean functions is an ear, and they're big they're powerful. They got teeth and claws. And if you make a noise, you're dead. And so this family led by. Director John Christine is real life wife, Emily blunt. They have their family has put together a way of being absolutely silent. Now, I don't know how well this would work in the real world, you can probably pick it apart. But for the context of the film, it's brilliant, you know, from from setting down sand to walk barefoot. So they don't make creaking noises in the house. Everything is rugs. Everything is. And so for the first half of the film. They are completely silent. Sign language one of their daughters is played by a real life deaf. Actress showing actress who is terrific and she's deaf in the movie, obviously. And again, I can't tell you how much narrative you can get out of it.

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