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From Silver Diner and W T o p It's 11 18 way of traffic and weather on the eights to read a Kessler in the W T o P Traffic Center in Virginia on North Bound 95 Watch for delays from the Rappahannock River Bridge headed past 17. This is the work zone set up taking Elaine. Then you'll find it slow near 6 10 Garrison Ville Road headed in toward Quantico. This was work in the right lane and South bound 95 still slow through Newington headed toward Lorton. This is was a mobile work through moving along that stretch north bound 3 95. Near King Street was a report of a work soon along the left side delays from seminary road. We also have had a report of a crash from a collar on North bound 3 95 the ramp to the North bound George Washington Parkway, maybe closer to the George Washington Parkway than 3 95 itself on the ramp, you worst thing to the right to get by eastbound and westbound 66 in pretty good shape. No major issues. Westbound Route seven. Over top of the Beltway was a report of a crash and we also had the problem on the South bound Prince William Parkway after balls Ford Road that try After trailer wreck had been along the right side in Maryland eastbound I 70 after 40. The earlier broken down vehicle was on the left side westbound on the icy sea between New Hampshire and Lay Hill stay right to get by the work and caller's talking about work on, Randolph wrote it Park Lawn drive a single ingots by each way with the work Now the westbound lanes of Randolph are blocked. It is the eastbound lanes that takes the traffic one lane in each direction. Westbound East west Highway near Taylor rode the right lane was blocked with the work the eastbound span of the Bay Bridge. The right lane of two blocked with cones today, so the westbound spans running two way traffic and getting across the very nice Mac Middleton Bridge may take some time Traffic is alternating to get across the bridge due to that work zone in the district north, about 92 95. After Malcolm X Avenue, the work was along on the left side, then North on D. C to 95 slow toward Benning Road. Watch for work that usually underneath Benning Road taking Elaine Audible. Plus is everything you want to hear. Listen, all you want to thousands of select originals, audiobooks, podcasts and more sign up for free. Audible plus, try elit audible dot com I'm Rita Kessler. W T o p. Traffic. Let's turn down The storm Team four is Lauren Rickets Get ready for the heat? It's coming. Temperatures are going to be in the low to mid eighties. Today, you're not gonna feel the humidity, but you'll feel the sunshine out there It is going to be absolutely beautiful Day, a little bit of a breeze.

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