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Magic if you haven't tried it you know it's a there is a chris milk says a talking about vr is like dancing about architecture it's it's hard to talk about so testament listen rights stanford sight helped me overcome a severe fear of flying with vieira i couldn't be more grateful hashtag vr for everyone the clinical uses a vr we can talk about some amazing work by my colleague kim bullock that's helping people overcome different types of disorders by a bit movement disorders by having them practice physical therapy a kids with chronic regional paint syndrome my colleague brenda guliani at stanford we've been using viewer to help kids over a come her help kids do their physical therapy who've got crp and it really helps motivate them to get that worked and gives them what we call self efficacy to believe they can do it then moore's being used ali psychologically clinically but medically in fact laura says as anyone using vr to work with children with autism knelt than practice social skills there are one of the most frustrating parts of my life and vr is there's probably 15 to 20 academic studies that shows that vr can help kids who have autism i get emails from parents as well they should ask me what when can i use this and i just don't know of of products out there that you can download right now or or clinicians who have dedicated their space to it so if this gaping in a disconnect where we the academic research we know for example i've published a study with my colleague peter monday from uc davis that shows a you can use vr for kids with autism to train things like i contact and different social skills and there's academic research out there i just don't know of products that parents can use now well lot of ethical questions here a lot of concerns but also lot of uses games movies life altering experiences who may want to indeed at your voice here and you can do so by emailing us forum on kqed that order going to our website kqedorg slash form particularly like to hear from some of you who have had either good or bad experiences with.

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