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The pitcher blazek and then next thing you know oh you get another home run and another and another and you sit there like you've got to be key me wilmer defoe hit a home run and you're go back to back to back to back and you look at a blaze act like he's got to be done in ups and of daniel murphy is coming up they lieberman he gets danny murphy at boom another home run was anthony run on that hit the fifth i had never seen that i think it is only the ten time in baseball history were you got five home runs and an inning and it was the first time for me watching it and you literally felt bad for the guy on the mound because no matter what he threw it was that way and it was far and the nationals while we don't talk about them because the division japan has really been over now for a month and a half a lots been made of as i mentioned before the dodgers in the astros because what they're doing by tell ya the washington nationals are having one hell of a season and that lineup top to bottom is really something to watch and they gave you a great example of a yesterday and then the other than quickly to from baseball and this goes to show you you can be a world series champion you can be highly thought of baba kyle schwaiger who was sent down because he couldn't hit a lick earlier in the season they send him to the miners this was a kid that was untouchable in trade talks last year but the cubs have no problem listen you're not hitting you go down he went down he comes back he's been hitting since he had two home runs yesterday the cubs have found it beware the cubs in the indians who might have gotten out of the gate slowly to start the season have really started to take off the.

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