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It's a last thing. He said that the media before they cut minute. Mandatory mini camp. Was the last thing i told my team was show up in shape. The worst case scenario there's players that don't listen to him. Don't show up in shape and we've all seen how this fan base this media the covers the team. They would just jump on that like flies on you know what and i just don't want it to happen so hopefully everyone comes into shape. I in good condition. And that's gonna help them with as minor injuries and bumps and bruises and things like that all right. Go ahead brian. What's your next one. All right let's go back to best case scenario and what. We're what i'm going to look at here. Is that somebody emerges from the from the defensive backfield that you were not expecting to. Do you have someone in mind. Yeah everybody wants james pierre but i'm looking more at a justin lane. I'm not predicted about lusting lost. Eljay i'm looking at. I'm you know what we put. We definitely put a lot of labels on these players before they get before they get to year three. And we've already label eljay here or j. l. or whatever you wanna call them but in everybody is really on the. I wanna call them one pierre because of the baseball player but james peer everybody's on jean-pierre bandwagon and it would be great if he comes up and people were expecting people. It's now wouldn't it be great to know he's going to. Everyone expects it and that could go. That can go in another direction but you need somebody to step up at corner and if somebody else now there's other guys there you've got you've got the undrafted free agents or brown. You have mark gilbert. I mean best case scenario would be if this guy gets over his injury problems and shines but somebody had corner needs to be there to kind of to kind of soften the blow of steven nelson being gone. Let me say my boy lust in justin lane and if you listen to my Let's ride podcast from last season. You know exactly what. I'm talking about him why we call him that. If you don't ask in the live chat if watching live in no explain it to you But for me. I hope he plays well. This is a third round draft. Pick that they spend on. This quarterback for michigan state steven nelson is gone in. This is perfect. The doors wide open for him to step up and say you know what i can take the outside. This is what i'm supposed to be doing. let me take. This is his third year in the league. This is the time that you would think. He stepped into that role. Now they did kampot. No one knows how they're going to utilize him but he's gonna be an every single outside You know every down outside cornerback player if he's gonna flex around that you're hearing are there. I hope he plays well. I really do. I really do dave's or anything. usa now. Brian you guys took a job with that. All right. what's your next Best-case scenario my best case scenario. Is that this team. Plays this season with five. Numbers burned into their skull that they don't forget and that is one one zero two one. Don't forget that date and what happened on that date. And what took your season and how all that and everything that went down and got in such a hole. You couldn't overcome it or maybe you could. If you weren't living in your fears. But i'm not going there in other words that should be your driving force is because that's all everyone right now is taking off. That's all the entire narrative about the two thousand twenty one. Pittsburgh steelers is based on their last time. They stepped on a football field and rightfully so because of what you saw the everything that they did before. That and i mean especially the first half of the season we know how all kind of fell apart but all that seems to be forgotten that that you know the was major problems maybe not just one thing or two that went in the wrong direction. This team and these players and this franchise. They believe that they were really close. Even when some of those other things were falling apart that it that it wasn't major issues. It was minor things the couple too many minor things that added up. And if you fix those minor things than there's no stopping them they need to remember that and that's what should carry them. Not just in the start of the season. But you need to remember that next january when you're playing week seventeen and eighteen and hopefully beyond a good one brian. Anything to add to that. No i like that completely. Yeah absolutely. I'll tell you what. This is a good time for a break. When we come off the break. I'm going to give a best case scenario Fund one surrounding one. mr devon. bush says you're listening to the audio side. Please head over to part two. If you're watching live on. Facebook or youtube stay tuned. we're not going anywhere. Stays stay right here. We'll be right back after this break support.

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