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Individuals to hospitals and doctors at temple Nagas regional hospital in Orem are treating fifteen children three have been admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit. Jason toolan ABC news Salt Lake City over the Mediterranean, Sea, and entirely too close encounter, between a US navy spy plane, that's as big as a seven thirty seven and Russian fighters, navy says the reconnaissance plane was flying in international waters above the Mediterranean, when it was intercepted by a Russian fighter jet. At one point, the Russian fighter fluid, a high rate of speed directly in front of the American aircraft and created awake of turbulence, the American P eight to fly through the US navy said it's playing did not provoke. The Russian aircraft and said the Russian interaction was unsafe and responsible. We Martinez ABC news, Washington. President Trump joins world leaders in England Mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the start of the d day invasion that began the reclamation of Europe from Nazi Germany, presidents there, along with Prime Minister Theresa may, we will continue to work together to preserve the alliance. That is the bedrock of our shared prosperity and security, just as it was on the beaches of Normandy, seventy five years ago representatives of every country that fought alongside the UK and operation overlord, the battle of Normandy, is attending the commemorations alongside the Queen, and more than three hundred vets who are all over ninety years old. Tom rivers, ABC news, London in this country. North Carolina retiree, Charles Jackson came forward to claim Saturday nights three hundred forty four million dollar Powerball jackpot. He's taking the lump sum payout one hundred fifty eight million dollars. You're listening to ABC.

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