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Good love somebody as much as i have you know that's the thing i was thinking about this over those the time of year with lots and lots of people give lots of time to the things they love and the people that they love and that's a fabulous thing for you to occupy your time to think about we have people who are in your life that you love i was thinking about my my daughter's birthday is tomorrow and my grandsons birthday was the 22nd last friday so those whether it's a all celebration it's two birthdays and christmas and and that sort of stuff in thinking about the things in life i can i can pinpoint this may be a good exercise actually for all us think about the things the top three or four things in your life and have met the most to you win we you the happiest in your life and i will tell you two of the three times and my life when i was the happiest were when brendan and megan were born a distant i remember and i'll probably have this conversation because the birthday i should probably get lost in it today but it's something that you can and i look forward with great anticipation batory when you have a baby and character when you have a baby not there's no pressure they're just it's not like i'm not like your mother i don't see from which is able to your mother she is not going to be hanging around atlanta going to have a baby i wanna granddaughter and on but there are a lot of mothers who are like that yeah they've put a lot of pressure on their children to have babies but anyway this fellow of tyler hubbard posted i'd no idea could love seventy much as i love hey we covered but last night god gave us olivia rosen melt in our hearts he kallon's photo showed him kissing his wife on the heady she cradled their newborn quote we love this girl more than words could describe it has been 24 hours yet and that's the feeling that you get really ins 28 past the hour we're here early before they wake up we stay.

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