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You know, I've got this guy or tried and that's where I'd like to go in and talk to those players and say, Like I use saying that I've got this guy Are you saying Take this guy pointing at him? I'm a little bit confused on that. But again, national tried almost the exact same place several times in the Blackhawks still had a hard time defending at the Reed was not there. If you look at the other side of the equation, the Blackhawks haven't had those Those type of opportunities because national never broke down in either one of these games. Five Honor three on three They had great structure and they're playing a strict man on man. So you gotta figure out what you're going to do there and you work on it. You look at the video tapes and They said they did it, but they had some some of the same issues in this one. And some of the same players out there as well. All right, well, thanks for sticking around. Appreciate all the insight as always, great job. I You and John and we'll look for it again on Friday night, Columbus coming into the United Center will see that well, we will see there and I know John was wondering Patrick Lining is in Ottawa. Now getting is these and he still has to go through the quarantine so he will not be Available to the Columbus Blue Jackets on Friday, But her heart's broken was part of that deal as well. Local Columbus Kid will be playing in that game. I think, actually, he's making his debut tonight. We'll see. Line a soon enough. I think so. Yeah, we can wait to see him. We couldn't wait to see him. I know what he's about. We could wait, Wait to see Patrick lining. I'll be in a hurry to see you on Friday over the United Center. Thanks again. Thanks, Chris Shucks Primary. Joining us wish I could say the same to you could you could, But you would shoot out. Lost to the Nashville Predators. Get out of here. If you want questions for players get out of the zoom calls. All right, Chris. Good job. Thanks, shucks. Who won the Blackhawks fall in a shoot out in Nashville. We will hear from Jeremy Carlson in a bit will come back with the highlights of this one. Next. And 7 20, WGN pros bring something extra.

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