Scott, Faulk, Roger Deakins discussed on We'll See You In Hell - EPISODE 4.22: 'BLADE RUNNER 2049'


How it perfectly replicated if you will pardon the pun the spirit of blade runner especially for that much time between sequels it really landed that classic blade runner tone regularly being almost unwatchable dole from start to finish i was i was drifting in and out of sleep i didn't understand a single minute of it i was bored beyond belief they call it a like for real trudged the scott dipped big two hours and forty eight minutes or something you go see force awakens they call back the star wars the place like there's a standing ovation in this thing it's like here's a tho you're the photo of shaun young and i'm like i don't even remember what she did in that who gives a faulk it was the one positive and it's a big positive it's the guy that did prisoners denis villeneuve and it has roger deakins the best cinematographer of our time who shot i don't even need a listeners resume i'll just say he shot fargo the best shot movie of my lifetime it's a visual masterpieces a vision is a man in your piece of art yes and if the story backed that up we would be talking about an alltime classic but it was boring and to me made no sense and i didn't give a fox the plot didn't make sense and here's roy go on i'll start here second movie in a row where they go we gotta kill these replicans we gotta get rid of these replicans and i'll say it again and i know some of the listeners have combated this stance i'll say it again why they're not bothering anybody opening scene is ryan reynolds going to a replicans foul arm our gosling shooting.

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