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41 is WTO news. The show of the week is The Crown, the new season begins on Netflix on Wednesday. TV guides Matt Roush joined Santa Claus earlier to talk about what this new season. This really has got a lot more scrutiny in the wake of the actual queens passing away earlier this year and there had been some pushback in the UK among people who thinks maybe it's disrespectful to keep telling this story or tell it now and it's moving into the final stretch really in this season and the one more season to go because we're now into the point where this is stuff a lot of people still remember. We're in the 1990s. We're in the downward spiral of Charles and Diana's marriage. The phone sex with Camilla comes out in the newspapers. She gives that explosive BBC interview and all things kind of blow up all over the place and at the same time there are polls saying Queen Elizabeth has Queen Victoria syndrome. She's been in the job too long as she relevant. Is she out of touch? And there's a lot of metaphors to sort of make that kind of clear. So there has been some controversy around this season, but I think it is still done with the same sensitivity and empathy for these characters humanizing these very, very public figures. Yes, some of it is imagined, but that is what docudrama does, and I think that the Peter Morgan has done a really good job here. Again, you know, we've got a new cast, so we have a meld of Staunton, the terrific character actress, now playing the queen and her twilight, Jonathan price is her Prince Philip, and Dominic West, who you'll know from the wire, is Charles, and a woman who I'm not that familiar with, Elizabeth de Becky, is uncanny in her impersonation of Diana. I can't believe it's almost not her in some regards. But she is a very pained person here. There's a lot of conflict. But if you like The Crown before, I think you're gonna like it again. And this is such a unique thing about this series, the cast changes as it ages, there haven't been any misses yet really in these recasts. No, there really haven't, and these are all really terrific actors and they were in the first two seasons and then again when Olivia Colman and Emma corrin and Josh O'Connor were playing all those parts and what we've also got Leslie manville, who's all over the place. She's got a current masterpiece mystery thing, and she's playing Princess Margaret. And again, you just have one great British actor after another. I think sometimes the sour grapes are the ones who didn't get cast. Because it's amazing how they have kept the sort of credibility of these characters, even though they're played by completely different people every two years. But here we go. We're in the final stretch now. And that is TV guides Matt rauch. Also tonight, 15 people die in a fire and a cafe and the Russian city of Castro, it's about 200 miles north of Moscow that roof collapsing during the blaze. It was apparently sparked by someone using a flare gun. During a dispute, police are looking for the person who used that gun. Sports is next on TOP. Reconnect with a carpool or vanpool. Even if you're commuting just a few days a week, commuter connections can match you with others that live and work near or at the same

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