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Spots still dousing flames in what is now the burned out shell of a once elegant estate the fire quickly got out of control to care takers had been inside the fair haven hill road home and scrambled outside when they smelled smoke the homeowner away and the care taker had come to just check on the house I guess a lot older and then and then they started to notice some small the biggest problem for firefighters was lack of water supply with no hydrants in the area contracts from several towns worked overtime the house is a total loss a man from Tewksbury is indicted for murder in the death of his girlfriend Eric Griffin is accused of killing Jennifer co lackey back in September she was found dead in their home and he's been held without bail ever since Griffin will be arraigned on first degree murder charges in Middlesex Superior Court on January seventh a police dog in Rhode Island is back on the job after being treated for fentanyl exposure Smithville police dog Ajax was exposed to the drug while police executed a search warrant during operation mouse trap earlier this month the canine officer gave the dog nor can and took it to the vet the Celtics beat the Cleveland Cavaliers at the garden one twenty nine to one seventeen the Bruins beat the Sabres in buffalo three to nothing Suzanne saws will W. B. C. Boston's news radio this is the morning show Morgan why junior golf six one seven two five four ten thirty join the group and hang up with mortgage on WBZ.

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