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Talk the tall. Conveys the man and bob if the scooter the bob iran the new they knew him all boston to dubuque. Especially mickey do three former gwinnett county baseball stars were named the mlb. All star game rosters on sunday. It'll be the first. Mlb all-star appearance for all three will be teammates for the american league. Baltimore orioles outfielder. Cedric mullins oakland a's first baseman matt olsen and los angeles angels first baseman. Jared walls mullins played at brookwood olsen played at parkview. Walsh played at peachtree ridge. Cedric moans breakout. Season has been a bright spot. The orioles he's hitting three eighteen with fifteen home runs and fifteen stolen bases and he leads all aol outfielders in opie s at nine sixteen and ranked second in batting average in addition to tying for the league in hits. He's one of three. Mlb players with at least thirty five extra base hits and at least fifteen stolen bases matt olsen makes his all star debut after a strong first half that includes two eighty-three batting average with twenty home runs fourth in the al and fifty three rb is he also ranked seventh in the league in slugging percentage at five fifty four eight and opie s. Nine twenty four in his fourth full big league season jarod. Walsh has been a huge steel for the angels who drafted him in the thirty ninth round. Two thousand fifteen after playing college ball for the georgia bulldogs. He's hitting two eighty three. With twenty homers tied with matt olsen for fourth in the al and sixty one rbi's searching for a house in the atlanta area can be tough community reporter. Jp edwards is with the chief lending officer at georgia united credit union to find out. What exactly is happening to the real estate market. So my name is. Stephanie is like our. I'm the chief lending officer georgia united credit union. In the reason that. I have you on the podcast. Stephanie is because the housing market is nuts. I've heard stories of people not even be able to buy a house or putting multiple bids down in. They're not able to get it what's happening. Yeah so you're you're definitely right on. We are seeing this happen over and over with our members and our team members in our own stories But it's really just comes down to a inventory shortage To give you an example. There's only a little over seventy five hundred homes in the atlanta area right now. That are for sale. I am that was down. That's down over sixty one percent from last year because they're so little inventory that prices are increasing twenty four to twenty eight percent And it's just a lot harder to be able to make an offer and get a home these days simply because there's less less homes out there so there's less homes out there in. Let's say that. I'm a buyer. I'm trying to buy a house. And i want to go put a bid on it. What can you since you represent georgia united credit union. What can you as the lender d- do to help me be able to get house. So as a lender we have a couple of options we can give pre-qualifications which are pretty common They basically just take some of your information. How much money you make your debts and kind of say. Hey this is what you can afford But i would suggest a taking it a step further getting a pre approval and a pre approval is digging in a little bit deeper on what you can afford looking at more information looking at your credit report your income and really saying. Hey this is what we can say that we would honor you Four from Standpoint and that pre approval letter is a must these days to walk in and be able to make an offer on a home. They're going to want that. When you make the contract to write the contract on the home so does that give your offer a little more ump. Yes definitely do you have any stories. Has there been any people come into the credit union that have basically given you a horror story about how many houses they've tried to buy. Yeah we hear horror stories all the time you hear stories about people paying thirty forty thousand dollars over the asking price right now. That's not uncommon The other thing one of our team members is a first time home buyer told me last week that him and his wife have their twelfth phone that they're trying to get And so it's just incredibly difficult right now. They're coming in at what they believe is a very strong fair offer over asking. They're still not getting these homes and so I think people are just experiencing a lot of stress in frustration. Right now so. I would kind of just say my advice would be get that pre approval at our find a great realtor who's experienced and can help you and very responsive right because you have to act quickly in this market and also just make a good and fair offer for what you believe. The home is worth stephanie's. Allegra is the chief lending at georgia. United credit union in stephanie defined herself right now with this housing shortage. Do you find yourself kind of playing role of therapists in your office. Two i think several of our team members who are helping people through this process definitely. Yeah have to play that role right we. I mean it's frustrating for people and we've kind of all been there. The home process in itself can be frustrating. It's just stressful. You have this dream you're trying to achieve and sometimes going through. The process is hard and now we have this extra layer of it. So yeah but it's definitely about being there with people you trust finding the right programs in one other thing. Is you know this market is also a market where your downpayment doesn't go as far Simply because you're paying over the price right in so look out there for options As far as down payments. There's lenders echo up to one hundred percent like we have several programs at one hundred percent or putting five percent down for very large loans. So there's options for you out there So just kind of do your research and make sure you understand What is available. And what works. Best for you stephanie. Zoo the chief lending officer georgia united credit union. If somebody wants to find out all the information where can they find that. Yes so definitely go to juicy you dot org. And there's a lot of information out there were kind of putting new information articles things like that and you can touch base with any of our mortgage loan officers. Who'd be happy to help walk through the process. Stephanie's allegra chief lending officer torture united credit union. Thank you so much for joining me. On the podcast. Thank you for having me. Why by kia mall of georgia. We provide award winning. Customer satisfaction have been a family owned business for over twenty years buying or leasing with us as fast and easy and you can get pre approved online and four simple steps. We offer top dollar on trade ins and have new vehicle specials that are updated every month and are factory trained technicians make servicing your vehicle convenient with extended service hours. Stop by and shop with us on the lot or visit us online at love. My key dot com has the time. Come for you and your family to buy or sell a new home. Peggy slant properties is.

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