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Ronnie starts spitting out ideas what happened yeah exactly you know when you play ever sees a lot of down time yeah or not long before we could use a talking dog the crayons you literally just chat and we were we were actually in America on the yeah that's that's that's the one little one little partner showing up so yeah we we were just like we're talking or spend ideas doing this or like was a pen was upon me to write this down our with our agent who was a two year old son of I have this purple crayon how did you come up with a hundred thousand dollars got as opposed to any figure I think that figure you know whenever you talk about amount of money yeah I have to go through different resources and if you have anything I think working with USA basketball working with other players that was the number that we felt really comfortable with that people would want to stay in actually do it now that's how that can how is it received when you put it out there really well I mean this is two years in the making right like a great thing it's going to take some time to build we we had a group chat which is like pretty much all the Olympians from two thousand sixteen and we were like what do you think of the S. and just kinda laid it out ever was like the end times change injuries happen yeah this is on the WB is rolled out a new contract significant increase how does that change things I mean it just it puts us in a different category I think of the tone of whatever the WBA was for the last ten years I think just took this negative connotation of what what I want to play there where I think with the CD and the things that we've fought for now it's something that you can strive and as a as a little kid you want to play that have been made out for different reasons what was it just last year the year before the league MVP hurt herself playing overseas now season again because of the financial thing she's making more money will will this new contract mean that you don't have to travel now sees you can be with our families can be at home yeah that's the hope is to listen we're starting in and away from scratch right we live this yeah a life for twenty plus years but now this is like a whole new life and we're figuring it out with the ideas like decide like you're saying so people don't have to go overseas there's opportunity here and hopefully just continues around and let's talk about two four second your other half notice I didn't say better half naked was also involved in an equal pay dispute with the with the cyclic how is her fight different from yours and how frustrating is it twenty twenty women are having this conversation about equal pay so how different is her fight for your yeah it it actually is different you know Meghan's fight and our teammates that's with US soccer which is a federation at on profit so there's some different you know situation with us WNBA yeah and we understand that we're business model think we're sitting here saying I should pay the same as the NBA now we understand that's not what we're talking about where they're similar he is you know equity in being marketed the same being treated the salmon those types of things so it's great to have somebody obviously that I can talk to bounce ideas I learnt down much yet learned so much yeah I think it's a two way street as Dan our saying.

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