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So you can easily misrepresent yourself or be misrepresented as a person in that environment. And who so perhaps feel the need to play a role. He said that, you know, sometimes you have to be a certain character to in order to advance. What the show is about. But it doesn't necessarily mean you're like that one hundred percent of the rest of the time. He's just nonconformist Disney really stands apart little bit and some of his attitudes. He still lives in Spain. Paces taxes doesn't live in a tax haven. Like most four drivers fleeing off to Monico scenes can involved in charity work, all these hidden sides that you just wouldn't see if he were following on casual even putting a bit more back in motor sports cards. He's genuine interest in young drivers, etc. And so he somebody someone who is all about supposed to be about me me me me me. He doesn't behave away from the race second necessarily multi-layered counter overtime people maybe a little bit more of that go down alone. When veggies retired from racing if he's hanging around marks. Both think people get a bit of a better feel for Phil for him. You know, he's not. He's not maybe always make the right decisions. I think that's I think. Know, you can't you make the best decisions. You can any given time basically information you've got so econ necessarily say they were wrong decisions. But you can save with the benefit hindsight. Well, maybe we re praise people for making the right decisions things. I manage more coming to that as well. Don't name him. There's other people involved. Whatever happens to championship is is pretty remarkable. He's one of thirty three people won the world championship ever saw undoubtedly an all time. Great and particularly east. Reasonably well appreciates buffalo. So you want to say impurities the villain. I think is important to take a step back and just see what he brings. Because he's a guy who does what we all. Wanna see all racing drivers do well rings the neck of the car gets the best out of. And he's he's he's a winner of grinding. And if you putting a team together, he he'd be high on your shortlist would Nayef editing fantasy foreign one fancy might sport like caviar for night to ask the question of which driver would you choose throughout history to race for your life and long would be in the conversation when they were well, he's studying also cooler racer, he's noticed. The driver is racer is we will we will those certain eraser, and I'm not a very good writer to leave. This lengthy podcast very much. Kevin turn.

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