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In nineteen ninety I guess throw Terrell adjusts called Andrew Wakefield claim that the measles mumps rubella vaccine was linked to autism. It was one of the most controversial health stories of generation causing alarm amongst parents as the immunization rate collapsed over the years, the original research was widely discredited trust was slowly rebuilt and the doctor at the heart of the scandal seemed to disappear, but. Autism has become an epidemic. Your take this little beautiful baby, and you pump. I mean, it looks just like it's mid for a horse. Not for child vaccine skepticism is back health experts say social media, I'm populace fueling a growing movement that seem worrying trends in vaccination rates, including for HP, which can lead to cervical cancer. Flu and measles. We'll Health Organization has a goal to radically Musil's in Europe by twenty twenty. So should be almost gone. The last year there were the highest number of measles cases in Europe for twenty years sixty thousand and seventy two deaths and that's mostly children and vulnerable adults from the guardian. I'm initiative Astana today in focus is a growing anti vaccine movement putting lives at risk. Actually have been vaccine skeptics ever since vaccines were invented. But when it comes to measles mumps rubella, it does date back to nine hundred ninety eight very specifically and a press conference that I actually went to in February of that year the Royal free hospital. Sarah Bosley is the guardians help editor. So I went to this building and went in was held in a in a big lecture theatre. So I remember we all have these individual seats. It was a bit like sitting in exam in school with those little desks that sort of you can pull over push away. And they're at the front was a lineup of very serious scientists with very long faces and looking very slightly pompous and amongst the Moore's Andrew Wakefield who was young charismatic. Plus the dean of the ROY free medical school. Who was the? Most Sopa faced of the lot. And he was so worried about what Wakefield was saying really really anxious about it reasons. Mumps rubella given together maybe too much immune system of some day. Reckon day. There was a link between gut disease in children and autism. And that in some way, the measles mumps rubella vaccine might be the thing that triggered this off for the most part of the conference was about the paper about the scientific work that the team had done. But the really difficult moment the moment that really turned the whole issue around and launch the thousand and vaccines groups was when Wakefield actually said case for the socio. Vaccines into their component parts separate thought that those that the measles mumps rubella vaccine should not be given us one shot that it should be given a separate vaccines for safety. And it was that thing which was not part of the paper, which really allowed people massively and caused all the anxiety that followed did you think at the time. This doesn't sound right. What I did think was that's one heck of a claim when you're journalist, and particularly perhaps if you have a specialization, you have an antenna, and I think it was very obvious to those of us who covered health that he was saying something that was really front page news. Certainly I had that moment when studies actually stomach turning over. But it's something of that sort. You think oh there is something that's being set. Here. That's going to be a big story. How big I could not possibly have imagined at that time. Could be a link between a common childhood vaccine and autism questions were raised today about the safety of the combined mumps, measles and rubella vaccine news urge showing a possible link with a bowel disease, which could lead to autism. According to Dr Wakefield's theory, the MR vaccine ten damage the intestines of some children, allowing toxins delete..

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