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You know, it's It was hard. It's hard for me at this point at fifty one years old to talk about being molested. I was I was 28 before I recognize that happened to me, was molestation. Twenty was grown north and four years later I was in prison. So still unpack and stuff. So. And so by the grace of God And and my desire to know me outside what people thought about me propelled me forward to begin to understand. And that's why I talk about what people in the outside need to see our exp even when we talk about people coming for restored of justice programs that they let that these are people who have been filled with societal construct an ideas about us and not until they come in and see us in sit with us. Does that story began to change? And they become some of our starches allies forty that we are attempting to do getting our stories out, making us human, Right? And enter meals point. That's what we need. Otherwise, if we don't do that, that would become part of the system is turn a prisoners ANSA summit added a Mills questions, right? He asked what Ma values were while number for a long time filling devalued. Because Society told me I was nothing. Society told me I was going to prison, Osborne are supposed to be a criminal against Nassar Society told me. And I believe that aboard in an animal born into now that had no place in this country. Henry and after media Secede I had to collapse, I'd allows and I was bulled crack. And so when we talk about values, my value come come now comes from Islam, teaches me to live in peace and justice. Everybody that's where I get those values from. So that's how can support it. And at the same time is now right for me. But I'm not worried about all that If I was to do whatever do I just had that conflicts a Would you trying to do with this movie wise? It being held like Shaq keep sent wise this getting Academy Award. Eddie. Let me which is at just wanted to dis dropped a senior right when it comes to. So sure there's positive images that we can point to, right? But there's like an influx and I feel like a Barmen of negative images right in in really speaking for myself in when it came to hassle myself. You know what I mean? And what role that media play end. That only thing that I'm saying is when it comes to saw when it when it comes to this culture, right? Like I'm really big on based on a state that we in in the say that we've been in, I'm constantly can four tanks Uplift. I'm constantly liquid for things to like point towards leadership. I'm constantly looking for like upright things to like Aspira tours, Right? And so for me, when I look at media Like there, there is a huge lack of that for me. You know what I mean? Like there there is a huge lack of their for me. And as our watch TV now in it, it may have a lot to do, which is how how I think just consciously right now, Like when my mind is right now. But I see so many things that I feel is continue to degrade the positive blackmail self. Mitch, I I'm constantly seeing things for there, Right? So what I'm asking myself and I'm and I'm looking to his land, This is their look through as well. I ask myself, what was the point of this movie? I can't help, but look at it with suspicion. I can't help it. You know what I mean is? So That's what I want. I want these bring I want these, a bill me up. I want things to air to the culture are one thinks to give people something to aspire to in enemy. And that's when I'm constantly looking for, right? And I look at media as heaven, also that responsibility. And when it comes to meet, tell the story, I feel I feel the same way when it comes to me. Tell us doors. I feel like I have their responsibility to still stories. That's why I love doing what I do when it comes to create media. And so all I'm saying is that like McMahon, Why are we celebrate nece? And when it comes to the things we celebrating, Why are we starting right here? I would say they're like, you know, what do you got to start somewhere? I'm not complaining about where we start. And second thing is I don't think media has a responsibility. They could be great if it did. It doesn't media's are. Tool media as a weapon because was set a long time ago. Art is not, uh, for decorating rooms. Art is a weapon like their weapon. And here I mean it it it The weapon has been used against you since since since since since the advent of film since before the advent of film. Yes. Weapon has been used against Jews sense-like characters on the wall of a black man raping white women. Right? No one's denying that. But I guess what gets to me is why we're pointing at his media and talking about like, how is negative effects of it on our community like we're neglect and the role that we as living models effects were having when world when we are were ostracizing gay people. And we're saying that I don't have a problem with gay people, but like I don't wanna see it. That's a that's a living model. Agree with that. Like I I'm with you all the way in I don't agree with that only thing. I'm saying right when it came to what they want to point to when he came to what they want to celebrate a right. There were three D. These are the said before they head Hidden Figures, They have fences and they have Moonlight They pointed to moonlight and based on like this, the history, the historical Foundation of how were viewed, especially when it comes to self images, an image that they put out there that we have no control over. I'm asking myself, why is it that film out of those three Like I cannot help. Like I told you to lanes that I'm looking through, I cannot help, but ask and I respect the suspicion that sound like I don't respect a suspicion, but I'm also saying, Can you take a step back from This was suspicion and see what the movie is achieving on a larger scale, and whether you can see it or not. I'm saying, but even in our personal lives, can we examined are reaction to that movie? We'd be honest about some of the reactions were having to bad movie, and can we honest about how bad is oppression and it can we be honest about even though, Yeah, the Academy Awards is like a white organization Ed perpetuate white values and elevation of white supremacy, White standards in and and and why. Purity, I think the more urgent problem is how we internalize it without even knowing it and we perpetrate it. And as we were trying to break down this system, but we're perpetrating that same system And I hear that. I hear this. I hear this. I hear this. I hear this narrative, Bro. When it's parallel to the narratives that have been used, a press us all our lives, I grew up met. I went to white schools for the first like five grays pro. So I know white people And I know that these narratives come out and they don't come out from a place of I think I'm doing something wrong. They don't stick come out from the place of men. I'm I'm in a place of sure, knowledge, and I'm being generous And I don't have a problem with this or that. And this is that. But these narratives, These narratives of white supremacy and white patriarchy, they don't always take the shape of white on black oppression. And let me jump in. I'll just want to say Roh leg. I have analysed the way that this film has impact me in, Like I said before, right for one. The homosexual seen in in in the movie. I wasn't comfortable by, you know, but I'm also uncomfortable via like you know, like people going to his cut off in like seeing like really gory images United me. And so far Really again, we would stood out. To me was images that I said before, the images of the child in enemy in the images, when it came to the cultured the gold teeth, The do rags, The cars in all those things will more than anything else. Right? Was the fact that you know how this key grew up to be like a drug dealer in the images of his mom smoking crack and the images of how you got this drug dealer taking in a little kid. Those with the things that that really stood out to me about the movie. You're the homosexuality that that stood out to, but will the hardest parse the Watts to me was the other ninety nine percent of the film to had nothing to do with the homosexuality rate. So when I asked myself, what is my reaction to this film? It's like a very sincere reaction is also a thoughtful reaction that that off that I've talked about inches inches, going back to what I want from it. Nate like definitely films do not have a responsibility, but I feel like they should in enemy just based on the fact that images immediate has had on my life. And I know that Israel in enemy, I didn't grow of one. The play football on in Grove want to be a ruin to be a gangsta in a drug dealer. And that's something that spire too. And when it comes to would when it when it comes to storytelling. And when it comes to the media that has a huge role, any and we do got to start somewhere, right? But on at like, why we start here? That's what else. That's what I keep getting it earlier that we didn't start there. I think there's been images long before, but when it comes to non-arable when it comes to best film, Nobel picture that is will restart. I'm talking about Best Picture. I'm not talking about actor. I'm talking about Best Picture They. So this is it. Like you said before, this was all black has black director black, right? This is what girl? River color purple, Steven spill. Mark. As the stairs building Did you my brother from another mother, but I think that we're getting confused worthwhile. I am honest like saw a bomb up in us towards Moonlight I feel like identify with the character so much. And then a flip the beach seen on me. I felt like, Wow, in enemy. And I have issues about that because all my life, somebody want me to be gay. And I've been good at not being gay said means I'm not so good. Would still had a patch. I'm tired of people still trying to trigger a whole show. Have this issue like why Like what are they doing? I don't feel like the cat Emmy awards has my best interests at heart. And if they're making a move, I'm suspicious issues about why this film like rice acid and light and and and when you step back, right? They did human as the drug dealer. They did a great job of doing that. But when you Baloi the humanisation off, it was the positive things that I will say this legitimate to be suspicious of the Academy Awards. This is legitimate to be suspicious of media representations. So dislike we can ask like wise the Academy Awards. Why can't we asked like, why did the filmmaker do it? Why did director do this And and what about what she is trying to achieve and why can't we have more faith in that? Then we have in whatever the fuck Academy Awards is trying to do all we think I'm saying is right. Okay. So if we are asking the filmmaker, We are asking the Ryder Like, I don't want one. I'm saying to be something like an indictment on the filmmakers or like, I'm going to take away anything from with. Did it was accomplishment in itself? I respect that. Absolutely. It's all good. I'm with it. You know what I'm saying? Like the issue that I have with this film isn't with the film again, is with the celebration of it. So with that, this is your first and foremost. I want to thank everybody I want to thank my Adams. I want to thank resigned Thomas, and I definitely want to thank Emile for all these guys spirited value, and I thought poignant points at times that you would WTMA I was he was later than you have a good day. Inside Saint-Quentin Moonlight was produced by should deep Wallace stepped her. We want to thank Crisan Thomas a meal to Weaver and my. Our senior producer is Tony cannon. We have production support from Andrea Hendrickson or post-production. Editor is Rachel Cain photographer. Brian AC took photos inside San Quentin of the conversation, and you can see all of the photos at our website life of the law dot aboard Special thanks to Spencer London men at eight twenty four films for sending the DVD of Moonlight Lieutenant Sam Robinson for approving the screening inside the prison and San Quentin, Catholic Chaplain Father. George Williams subscribe to our newsletter together behind the scenes. Look at the production photos and notes by the producers You can subscribe on our website. 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They area that seems out of reach, see, it's not always out of reach. It's gotta you gotta think about. We shared our money. Basically the most. You know, loving thing you could do. That's next on life of the law. I may answer Mullane. Thanks for listening.

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