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Sixty WJR news, dick Hafner. This would have been a day that the Abbass family of northville would be talking about their vacation in Florida instead funerals are planned for them. Schools are dealing with children who are shocked and crying about the loss of their friends. Forty two year old Issam Abbass is on wife. Thirty eight year old doctor Remo Abbass along with their three children were killed in the crash on I seventy five in Lexington Kentucky has gotten a lot of attention here. Of course, the couple and their children fourteen year old Ali thirteen year old Isabella and seventy year old Giselle all heading home from vacation in Florida. The driver of the pickup truck that hit their SUV Forty-one-year-old Joe. Roy Bailey of that area in Lexington was believed to have been drunk. He was killed their vehicles all engulfed in flames. Reema Abbass was a well known doctor what the Beaumont health system. Her husband is on worked as a realtor in the area. He was an attorney Hossan Obas is his brother anybody can hit about this tragedy. Is going to feel it. We have to accept this is the work of God. We don't know. But we believe that this family went to another world the are going to remain alive. We believe that death is not the termination that is the imam at the Islamic center in Dearborn worthy. Abbass family were prominent members visitation is tonight, the funerals are tomorrow for that family counselors will also help students at a Yuriko school today. After a fifteen year old McComb township boy was hit by a car and killed while he was walking along twenty-five mile road near Hayes at night. He was hit by a car over the weekend. Police say the driver was a thirty three year old man. The McComb county sheriff is investigating flu activity on the rise the centers for disease control and prevention says the number of children who have died of flu also was on the right numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention Friday show that the situation. Is getting worse. Nineteen states are showing high levels of flu activity compared with nine states last week as correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, the border wall battle the government shutdown resulting from it goes on no end in sight, Sherman Blakely was deemed on essential federal worker, that means she's still has to go to job as a mental health counselor despite not getting paid ironic that the people who are making decisions are still getting paid. But we have to not get paid and still do our job on the wall battle. Here's correspondent Bob Constantini. There's not going to be any bend on his part. President Trump says of the government shutdown was his battle for border wall. Funding at the heart of it all before a quick trip to Camp, David the president calling on democratic leaders to lead humor.

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