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I don't mean to pile on them right now. Like, what do they mean? What are they will? You're right. They probably should be. I was gonna say they should be better than they are, you know, a bomb Yang Lakas set. They've got players of richwald and they've got young players like induced coma through right? If got to rare, but just something not right there. And Jonathan says, it's the vision for the club where the club is going. It's almost like what does he say? The vision is he says there is. No, oh, that's the problem. I see let's say Thursday, three o'clock. Also in the rope league Chelsea and Momo to one shelf. Holding a one goal lead as they head into the second leg. I don't know about you. I have more on Chelsea when we get into the Caravelle Cup. Final preview or are you going to sing f-? Sorry bowl. I'm not gonna sing anything. But I'm gonna talk about sorry Bill. Let's see the Premier League Sunday we go straight to Sunday nine oh, five AM arsenal. Again, and Southampton. No one's gonna be watching that. Right. Because it's on the same time as Manchester. United and Liverpool from Old Trafford, and that is big honestly the Champions League game. This week for Liverpool seemed like a bit of a cycle. It really seemed like the the band that warms up for smashing pumpkins which is weird which playing like you're playing no offense to some of the other clubs in the Champions League. If it was Liverpool if it was livable playing Schulkin instead of city, I could've said that's not really a glamor Champions League fixture may be like, but it's Byron. And you're right. It did seem like something was missing at Anfield in that game. And. Maybe it was this that you're right is just being so overshadowed that the league is so much more important right now to Liverpool fans than the Champions League. Yeah. And it's a resurgent United the view of what matches the United has changed massively on there. There's a little bit of trepidation mixed into it. Not just excitement. Little bit of fear will sometimes the rivalry matches. While you are excited for them are the games that have you most nervous because they're the ones that you just can't afford to lose. I'm hyped already. I can feel it. Oh, yeah. You absolutely should be. And you're right, Manchester. United have become the team that no one wants to play. And everyone's been talking about Manchester City having gotten back in front on gold rental. But oh, they got a game in hand. They got the game hand will this is the game that they have at hand. So like, it's not like Liverpool or playing Brighton. No. I was talking with a friend of mine who's liberal today. It's also statement of intent Andrew because we are in the Liverpool period. Now. Okay. The result against Boreham. It was good the ripple haven't played that many matches sense the two draws that. They had back to back. So now you want to see our Liverpool back and what better way too short performance against Manchester United. It's kind of needed JJ. We have a soul Shire watch which once again was comprised of people not knowing how to say his name and not giving any instruction on how to say his name. Feel like there's a budget directions. I can take this. So scare watch so sky. Oh, watch souls Kojiro watch. On koa. Watch JJ we wondered after is the most curious jingle we've made so far after the the PS g match. Oh, maybe maybe they're kind of coming back down to earth or whatever. But then they go right back out, and they beat Chelsea in a very high profile. They cut matching. They look good doing it. Pago? Look good doing it. I give them credit leg. It was a very quick bounceback was not an easy opponent. And they are playing. Well, I really still think highly of the job that's all shires doing there. I don't think there's ever been a more comprehensive Manchester United performance at Stanford bridge. I'm sure someone will tell me about one put that was that was excellent. And it was it was over at half-time..

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