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That. That's fantastic and I think say Malcolm. Glad. Well, talked about this and it is book or something in terms of there were like the the critics for you know. Even, putting up an ad or something like that where it was would it would it almost Create more like bring more attention to it or were. They just find a different means or things like that and it was staggering i. Forgive me because I don't remember the details, but it was overwhelming that the nets were clearly a positive thing and that literally saved. All these lives and there was really no justifiable reason to not do it my my point in all of this is when you lose perspective. Try to stop pause, take a breath, take ten more take thirty more residents breathing and just understand that your thoughts do not have to become your actions. You don't have to die. It's not a death sentence it just being you really have to fight for yourself. Ask for help and ask for help on a large scale as I I knew meet is it willing to continue to ask that helps you find someone wind? Pain because there's somebody out there. That's GONNA. Make sure you're safe today. Well I think those are great thoughts to end on and Kevin I just want to thank you for sharing your story and putting it out there and having this conversation with me and. you for those of you listening thanks for for for for doing. So And Yeah I guess. Just, normalizing the the the reality that this is a problem that we we deal with in our society and there's ways to. To fight it and save people and just have conversations with our friends and loved ones and be okay with asking for help is hopefully A. are kind of. Takeaways from from this conversation. So I really appreciate you taking the time. Kevin. Thank, you so much had neon and I really appreciate your time I'm grateful to be a part of the show for sure Where can people find you for anyone who might be listening who wants to? Reach out need some help any information I think that you could share it would be great. Absolutely the best defined me is youtubecom slash hinds. I answered all of my comments. So please find their ads. Bell are four hundred plus studios. They're all designed to help you with your brain mind Behavioral Health Mental Ob all educational entertaining. Some are funny Youtube slabs. There's a lot of stuff there to help as many different kinds of people as possible with as many different, mental strong as possible and recovery from addiction specialists are on there we've got a hold it the videos that are made for you today. We make them with the best science based informative. To help you actually change your life. So both fun and helpful. So check that out you can reach the on Instagram at at Kevin Hines story Same same on facebook and twitter. Pretty reasonable person. It takes a while back everybody, but I will as. Well. That is awesome and Again thank you for for taking the time and sharing your story. Congratulations and everything you've done in your continued success, and Yeah thanks. Stake here are you too and thank you guys listening We appreciate you taking the time. Hopefully you found this interesting helpful informative whether it's for yourself one or maybe for someone in the future a don't forget to send us. Your five star reviews on. itunes. Anything else there's a patron out there where I talked to my access and Super Fun and entertaining a little bit lighter than this. But Hey. Check check out. The link is on my instagram and if there's nothing else we will.

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