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There are plenty homeless out there, putting a fence around the roadway in to keep the homeless from setting up tents near it, right. That's what every homeowner in every business should do now. That's what we should do for entire communities. Entire neighborhoods. Put a fence around it to keep the homeless away. Yeah, why do they? Why does the Rodeway Inn in the city of Boston get the privilege of erecting a fence to keep the homeless away when the rest of us can't Yeah, I'm sure. I'm sure. Joe Cohen and Sons Jewelers on Congress could not erect a fence in front of their business or Kruger drillers or whoever down there probably can. Now Cooper's barbecue. I'm sure that they could not put a fence up. But, uh, yeah. Yeah, And that's what everybody wants next to their neighborhood, isn't it? Listen, we had a horrible incident this morning. A man visiting Austin shot early Friday morning in a road rage incident. You heard about this? Well here. Go ahead. Yeah, I did. You did hear, okay. He and four other men had just left 1/6 street around two o'clock in the morning when a car pulled alongside them and began harassing them. The suspect threw a bottle at their SUV. And then they heard a loud pop. It's usually a gun sound passenger in the back seat, realized he was bleeding and in his from his hip, so they pulled into a parking lot, their their lake Line mall drive in Northwest Austin. They called 911. The injured passengers expected to be okay. And the men couldn't tell officers which road it happened on because they weren't familiar with the area. They also couldn't give a very good description of the suspect's vehicle. So police are still trying to, uh, you know, figure out more, maybe find some surveillance cameras and that sort of thing. But officers arrested the driver of the victim's car in a suspicion of a D w I Yeah, Another another, You know, a result of not a direct result. But this is also has sixth street in the picture here as well. They had been partying down on sixth Street, and they were in the process of leaving. I don't know if the folks that were harassing him and shot them, Uh, we're on sixth Street as well. But yeah, it's uh it's it's another horrible Situation, uh, involving guns. And last night also, uh, someone was found dead due to a gun. Uh, due to a gunshot in some parking lot near run Berg, So it's just It's amazing how somebody got killed in the run Berg area. Yeah, well, that's shocking. I know. I know. I know, Man. That's that's unheard of. Yeah, well, that's just called the Run Berg area it is 7 11 here on on K. L. B. J and you can jump in at 51283605 90. Listen. Austin loves guns..

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