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Retired numbers games on the back of his helmet it it had pictures best cover jibe or paintings i see i guess you're i should i've say heard are round the mask of those specific players one those guys ozzie smith who came into the blues locker room in check it out earlier this week so any mark scores my co host on sunday and when these we can hockey join me this weekend that the winter classic it we caught up with carter to talk about his mask and also talk about the alumni game experience always awesome just in a legend so there are a guy or heard murray santa enter interview they're just about haven't oates hall gretzky stronger mccann and him in the pipes like should not a pretty bad lineup i don't know he replace on that anyway but yeah so it's cool just going out there and i played with i play with jack's jackman last year in national so this coming in the see him and his arm in st louis and it's nice you know what a legend so the school i think my family loves it to my dad's you talking out so him just being out of the ceiling guys in and i think it gives you know the ranked first down a school and you know it's almost don't excitement for today being here in just it's leading into tomorrow so what was the atmosphere like when you first walked out on the field yesterday and surreal you know i i think seen from that perspective and and just the rink and the fans in everyone you know the colors of the you know i think the jerseys are were such a unique color to see look around fans in jerseys into sam and then the red next and there were some the hawks fans and you know it was just experience you know the backdrop of the arch in the stadium as you know it's it's something like i think i'll cherish for a case mccarty one of the more popular guys the city's past two weeks what you debuted that goalie mask talk to us a little bit about it my idea with that was never to like i never thought that this would you know.

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