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Their offense of issues i that's another team that watching bradford not a lotta time to throw attempt after attempt in it's another team like washington where you were you thought a year ago you went out and got that alpha wide receiver the guy was going to lead your team instead you have a contract well who's not progressing and the emir this i'm than this year he might i at least he might i mean i liked alan cooke so far but it's the off it's another teen that's going to need to hold teams to fourteen fifteen points a game that just doesn't work in the nfl show he doesn't it did i i find ways the score more than that is true because it the team that build around defense like the vikings defense is less predictable first of all if you have a great offense your great every year like the normally and it's it's there aren't that made there weren't any dip defense is that were really that big of a difference maker last year i mean the vikings had it ultimately a disappointing season considering all the talent they had the first i hated keep sounded like them broken record here but this is a team that wins in loses based on how it's tackles play because the referee is no time to throw they had nowhere to run last year it went and they look exactly the same inaccuracies ahead one of the reasons why i kinda liked how bradford i thought bradford at his best season overall that is best to seasons really are the last two billion minnesota that i think he's shown some progress that if you can help him that he'll be a solid enough starter for you i don't wanna put this type of pressure on the kid but once upon a time ready mosque came and came into the league took it by storm in transformed the entire vikings offense dabbagh cooks that a lot of good reviews rave reviews he's replacing allegedly adrian peterson obviously may make sure the eu's peterson as the example since he's also running back it cook is replacing him but we're pass that now cook could he be a potential guy that shoots out of the box and is a monster contributor and solves a lot issues with.

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