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Sixty thousand drops so we pay for a plane ticket just so we could walk through all of the beauty but then as he was waving his wife goodbye and going back the cops said all my gosh you that's illegal it's illegal to do it because this is a protected area and they cited him with a fine of up to twenty thousand US dollars but he had to go through security of course he did no no I'm sorry it was five twenty twenty thousand whatever's yet fourteen thousand three hundred US dollars can you believe this okay I mean the plane ticket was enough but now he has a fine that's fourteen thousand US dollars and some just because you want to walk through the airport and think about it was white that'll teach you all my god yeah what is going on in China crazy stuff right be careful good husband. you're not a vegan yet aria I eat a lot of things yeah why is that bad no no I hate whatever whatever you like okay you have the freedom not to eat meat could get all judgmental on me I'm not I'm not a vegan in Perth Australia has asked her neighbors actually demanded that they stop barbecuing well she's just crazy it went all the way to the Supreme Court come Australia this is personal well to do city western end of Australia she's fed up with the smell of meat cooking on the barbecue next door I smell fish all I smell is fish I can't enjoy my backyard I can't go out there they're doing it on purpose. yeah. turmoil it's been on rest I have been able to sleep is that we're not eating meat does now she's just a little loony tunes this one yeah I mean are you getting the smell of food cooking on the grill siliceous. she's just a little not I think she misses the Mrs Edith. and she needs a little more protein than in our diet something something to make a little less crazy not police in London have tried a revolutionary strategy to determine odorous from exceeding the speed.

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