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And why response stay home fuck face. I there's tons. Stay on and fuck face tillers. What else? You get John Lineker. He's saying that Sean Shelby, you'll see they're not giving any fights. So it was like you just let me go fight elsewhere. His last opponent had four fights since his last white. Organizing a that's opponent was my boy Cory again my last point four times a year here. He has another fight Sean likes him. I've fought only four times since June sixteen. I need to find if you don't like me or my style. Just let me go. All right. Well, they love his style wonder, whether or not find them more. Wasn't he supposed to fight crews a couple times? And then you got injured crews got injured something like that. Yeah. I think they're trying to like his style of that. Yeah. I think he gets injured. We've seen him or. Keel. A lot of fans pointed this out that the UC released a promo with deers first comeback fight, and they didn't show anything with McGregor, obviously. Right. We mean I've seen because they don't wanna show their money guy, getting dropped or looking bad against someone. Have, you know it's strange because scheduled to fight anytime and seen the promo that's sick from. He's skills, the finally time and also most people know like the Casuals, they all pointed all know Nate from his Connor fights. A lot of people thought they beat them twice. Why would you show that let me see this highlight? Yeah. It's actually pretty dope. Better than the NFL. No nothing comes that was like the spider verse, and like comic book stuff. Don't be. Slapping all these other guys. Resume. A box man. Fight, always one. Using this. Something. One of the most dangerous enders. Great highlights of maize. They could definitely put better music. I've seen fans shit all over highlights like the like meaning they can do away better job. All my people are getting super good at the stuff now. Oh my God. They're getting good at it. Deficit highlights. That guy is ridiculous. Brogan post them today. I feel bad because, you know how they make Joshua look that bad after he just lost did one to Brazil to the. Yeah. Like made them disappear what else you got? Dates fight fine. Again, though, that highlight didn't help though. Okay. I just want you to listen to this. I. If you know where this is going, I. Yep. All right. Let me refresh this, because maybe the internet still bad question. What made you start martial arts? What? Just like oh, these guys all the legends. Bruce Lee Jackie Chan jet Li and all those guys. But I think for me when I was young coming to the states as an immigrant, I was bullied, I was bullied to a point where I contemplated suicide and several temps. There was even a point in my life where I wanted to shoot up a school because I was really so bad. Luckily martial art saving really intrigued me was video game called Tekken, which I was thinking about. Played the game. He said he had a plan to shoot up at school and came out with your riot hall speaking. The next guy cheeses, Christ. Hold on. I know I like tech into I'm sorry. We can't breathe by this. Did you just say Flanders shoot up a school thought he had thoughts? Implant it, but he had thoughts. He planned. He said he had plans on play that again for let me remind us thing. As in. Question. What made you start martial arts?.

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