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With new as we count down to where the puck dropped when the Blackhawks and Nashville predators forward proceed shot out to the organization once again for an outstanding job yesterday it was the second annual stem showcase that was held during and after the Blackhawks practice in which nine thousand Chicago public school students were welcomed into United center watch practice and then several the Blackhawks players participated afterwards in a program in which foundational math and science concepts were taught by it the game of hockey among the things that were taught to and and translated through the game finding out speed in terms of students measuring distance in time to figure out who is the fastest skater also energy how the how the flex of this decrease this energy for the hardest lab shot and also figured out angles as well as the students use their knowledge of incoming and outgoing angles to see who who is the most accurate pastor Jamal Mayers kind of hosted at the session afterwards after the Blackhawks formal practice at he loves this idea again for a second straight year and I asked about the possibility of it every team in every professional sports league would do something similar how much it would help everyone within their respective communities have a greater appreciation for their respective games I think it says a lot at the end of the day let's be honest the demographics of their today was mostly I would say most African American and Hispanic kids and introducing a different segment to to the sport and you know using education as a platform to engage them is critical I think that as if the game wants to grow it's gonna have to become more inclusive in yeah and this is certainly a step I think the Blackhawks are in the forefront and leading that charge and do a number of things with the king in the community to help push that narrative Ford and really are intentionally targeting in and making sure that they're out there engaging in the schools and the people that live in this the area around the United center and I'm proud to be part of that a great job by Jamal yesterday for hosting as well as the entire black ox organization that continuing to make an impact here in the community behind the bench with coach Jim accounting was sponsored by fifth third bank fifth third bank means.

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