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With the Phillies becoming the highest paid player in baseball this week in one thousand nine hundred seven flyers Ron Hextall becomes the first goalie to actually score goal and game this week in two thousand seven the seventy third Heisman Trophy goes to Florida quarterback. Tim tebow Tim is currently a football analysts on ESPN. And plays. Minor league baseball. That's your iheartradio weekend. Sports time capsule. Rock's dog took a direct hit from a skunk spray last night right in the snoot gonna fight with a skunk and lost big time. And we all lost. Oh boy. My household. Lots last night for dogs sleeping. We couldn't leave my side because he's you know, and wetlands freezing cold. So we took all the stuff out of the laundry room in all the clothes, all everything. But now that's can have that's for sure. This can be bad. But we're talking about your pet mishaps for like bedouin, put it seven four nine seven thousand pounds seven hundred on AT and T and Ron your first step. What do you have brother? Hello, ron. Hey, I want a story. My wife loves potbelly pigs. I used to live in blue ash. We had the big giant very tree out back and she had the potbelly pigs. It probably weighed about one hundred pounds. It kept on coming inside at night had blue all over because it was sitting out there that went off about earn day. We just got hardwood floors, redone, and that came in one night, and it the puke and poop.

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