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Um and by that point it's also very clear that guy is mahrous as one of the best generals uh that rome has ever seen and this has been constantly one of his own complaints is that by keeping the consul ships in the hands of the nobility it didn't matter if you were a good general or a bad general or a good leader or a bad leader it just mattered whether or not you were no um so guys marxist sitting there as easily the most talented um general that rome had and they were trying to keep him out of rome's wars like this is a crazy thing to do just for much from a straight like meritocracy standpoint you want your best generals and your best people to be in charge of the army's and and mahrous was being blocked from that but by the time the kimbery come along he has finally he successfully achieved the consul ship and he's proven that he's the best man for the job and they finally do send him and he succeeds where everybody else failed him in the rahman's had done nothing but fail and fail and sale and sale against the kimbery um until marreese comes along and was that white he got the third founder of round title because he defeated a kimber your will it went up what else it it it right okay said this this third founder of round business is on it it's crazy because obviously the first founder of rome is romulus and he's the founder of round um for the second founder of rome is a now somewhat obscure figure name marcus furious camilla us who uh their there's this ad there's this episode way back in like a three 90s three eighty specie where were horta of um of of golf came into italy sacked rome.

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