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Like seventy five degrees and sunny right awesome yeah bottle it and sell it but if of course it's a tuesday so i get to look out the window right and wish you were out there yeah i get it yeah i get it you know it was about eighty five here today it's starting to get a little warm here starting to get a little warm here call of april is going to be eighty five yeah pretty much this week and next week is something called fiesta here in san antonio which is sort of a two week excuse to get drunk during the week and a his demayo or i'd not officially i don't think it's supposed to line up that way because we usually does but there's just events every single night of different kinds or another that generally involve eating something called chicken on a stick which is a fried piece of chicken with alapini on top of it that's obviously you know on a stick not ever name no it's very literal it's a very literal name and then drinking beer out of plastic cups and generally miller lite is sort of the number one thing that you get but it's it's a big deal here i don't do a ton of yesterday's events tastes i got shit to do like i i every night this week i'm working on some lecture or another i've got stuff coming up i've got articles do and i just see friends that are like oh you wanna go to neo so which has for night and old san antonio which is one of the big events like no i can't get drunk on tuesday i've shit i have.

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