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Not making it summer because those two black or maybe will because i was to not black allen iverson was the perfect antidote to that that's what i looked up to he was all these things that family to be but he was also exactly the person that vans parents did not want him to become oh boy mophaired hated allen iverson they would give me out iris had shoes mmd thought he was just exactly the kind of image he didn't want it did not want us on the have and it wasn't just vans dad who felt that way about allen iverson you know what i mean like like even just thinking about the way he probably seemed other people like a black man black turag bad attitude and for the nba this image was problematic on our came in the league thereby was hose question marks around the shown that you know though they're all whole you know pearl clutching and they really were that a image issue so the nba kinda seem like it was looking for a reason to crack down and have more control over the image of its players and then something happened something that kinda gave the nba the excuse that it needed to make some new rules and that thing was malice at the palace losses fao wallace for miles at the palace what was two thousand four a giant basketball role between the pacers and the pistons and uh run our test was in the stands fighting fans some fans got injured multiple players were throwing blows on the court the the whole game just devolved into a giant brawl and it really rithy.

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