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Leader is vehemently antisemitic he's currently antichristian if you go back to many of the state department human rights reports going back well over a decade you've got a situation in which the iran inns takeout christian pastors and kill them and the fact that matters this is ideological now more broadly speaking what i always worry about is some people look at terrorism as motivated by grievance other people recognize that it's often motivated by ideology our state department in our diplomatic corps often want to see the terrorism is rooted in grievance because of ingredients you can come up with some deal to resolve it and if you if you're simply rewarding iranian and transgender ski ronnie and bad behavior you're not going to solve the problem the problem is ideological case and it has everything to do with the ship of the islamic republic michael american enterprise institute thank you for your clarity and your enlightenment he's speaking to us from the shores of the galilee and the city of tiberius we're going to be moving over to jerusalem to get another perspective from my brother the one and only jonathon med bed a leading israeli political commentator and business leader coming up eleven seventy the answer let's get real if you're big mother's day surprise consists of one wellcrafted text message need to go back to the drawing board asap moms deserve.

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