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Welcome to body cons a collection of conversations about bodies I'm Lottie Story Writer Training Counselor and Psychology Geek and I'm Molly Forbes broadcaster compaign and body image influence Hello welcome welcome ah we recording this today in Sunny Devon is actually Sundays we're sitting I'm going to pitch if you were sitting in my dining room the sunny streaming in through the windows actually a little bit overly Bright Benoy and we've got a herbal tea because I didn't have any soy milk the in my house SUPICCI recod- viewers with magical power. How you doing this week anyway welcome to Vince Geraci down here definite my muse I wanted to tell you before we start properly this isn't going up going down but I wanted to tell you about that look I just finished just because it's just fresh in my mind yeah it doesn't were in its own going down but I'm gonNA give recommendation is relevant body cons so it could have you heard of power by name name me Alderman it was the birth of twenty six hundred twenty seventeen everyone was talk no art it is power is very good want everyone was hailing it as the next Margaret Atwood's doll Hamedan's tail thing say this is an earlier book by the author Naomi Alderman it's called disobedience Lou and it's already intrigued about the Orthodox Jewish community in hidden in London and fully story of three people a woman who was raised by her father was the rabbi and she the left the community very tweet net close knit community and she saw to the left and went off to New York and then she has to come home when her father dies it's how the community comes together and relationships but the reason I'm mentioning hair is because I was really interested in the conversation shins between some of the characters and that Nintendo kind of dialogue talking about the way they feel about that body and how religion has affected the particularly the women the way the present themselves to the world and the close at a wide the buttoned-up shots having to wipe tight not showing anybody lack of each menstrual cycle they go unwash- in a particular place and the whole rich mystic process and it was really interesting it talks about sexuality and late big stuff that we talk about here saying interesting it was written in two thousand and stakes is not only burke okay go to out from the library try if you live report I'm reading yeah so I got you know those shops where you can buy like all the books like three quid just kind of like now it's like I'm like old stock Kurt bargain-basement yeah yeah those sorts of again if we have these in depth do you know Next time we take you so I I bought Anjelica Huston memoir from that and it's so interesting who chapters in Anjelica Huston the one he played the head witch in which yes yeah yeah and it's all about like when she moves to Hollywood and start hang out with Jack Nicholson and she's a model at that time she's not an actress and yet it is extraordinary because obviously like it's like seventeen Hollywood lives and it is so about appearance and she she named the most ridiculous number of people you could ever imagine and it's just she throws you right in the pens she's off like being shot by David Bailey in Europe she's meeting like Grace Coddington from vogue like it's everyone and it is so kind of she's got really good way with words I'm really enjoying it does it talk about time the headline today telling coma when she was filming wishes or haven't gotten there yet but I hope it does I hope I hope she'll touch him with Atkinson's different vise in the whole like it's that time of the show we shot off from what's going on in the world of body image could be pain that we've loved an ad campaign it could be something been in the news it could be a Po- 'cause we found Wang on for our favorite but so you want a guy I yeah I've got a so I had a message last night from do people who follow forty cons and they were sharing press release about campaign that they've just launched and then I'm Leah Carly Lia is an eating disorder survivor and carly as a fitness instructor kind of very positive kind of Anti Diet yes type yeah yeah tally right yeah that campaign is cooled worked out and it's about the facts that there's currently no you professional or legislative guidelines in place to upscale fitness professionals were in working with clients with a history of eating disorders basically trying to kind of find a way to empower fitness professionals to understand a bit more about eating disorders too you're out what is appropriate when you're working with someone who's got history of eating disorders to tighten up the regulations a little bit and to make it easy yeah for people who have had a very difficult relationship with pathologically difficult relationship with food and exercise as well to to enter into that world in a really safe way which I think is pretty awesome yeah that's really awesome that whole space can be quite an intimidating space and only if you're able that it can be tricky space will this is what they say actually they kind of say eating disorders within the fitness industry are an unspoken taboo language used in fitness supplements can often are on the side of being fear based marketing strategies can focus on body transformation weight-loss and quick calorie burners this often means those struggling with a recovering from eating disorders find the fittest environment difficult and scary place another guy so you've put your finger on that and individuals are often at risk as a result and I think what's really sweet is that they've they've perfume videos on youtube just talking about how they came to kind of work together so lear came to doc with carly and she said she wanted to kind of be very open about her history and colleagues that the she's obviously worked with hundreds of mainly women in her work as an instructor and this was the first time that anyone had said to her this is my history in had been quite so direct about that but she said the bounds of people that she's worked with before who have had history but have not foul able or wanted to kind of speak about it the Toronto really open that conversation up to take away some of the some shame around it was some fear I think it's really tricky as well because like I think Tall Shaw touched on this in the episode that we did without a lot of people why can the fitness industry and lot people who walk in nutrition a lot of people who work in mental health there's a reason that people have gone into these roles and they've often got previous lived experience with sometime tossed carrying that writing struggles with food body image dieting over Exerci- and sometimes people whack in that space have gone into those jobs and they use that knowledge that they've got as justification and validation for continuing on healthy how mess at the address off his healthy holidays and there is research around that this is just me kind of saying that the researcher and I think that that can be quite tricky because lead you to the line between what's healthy and what is potentially and healthy and especially with eating disorders where although the kind of threshold is very high if getting professional help if you do meet those criteria you are fast tracked through because eating disorders are so they can unravel very rapidly they're taking very seriously and I suppose if your fitness instructor and you spots some of the signs of that in a client then is is wants ability that you hold to try and kind of get that person the right help because if they don't the the implications of very serious oh that sounds career campaign modeling tonight in the show yeah worked out work out okay work it work it out when my son saw did we talk about this before Lincoln Dan when offer linked in written down he thought it was pronounced Lincoln no one really knows Efi says teacher she taught me this today I have for you is a new poll cost discovered I died nowadays really your thing yeah it's called the model podcast and Wiki the blood it's an insider's look at the fashion industry past and present it's hosted by Robin bright WHO's a model presented ten scouts at models one the weekly series sees bright and gas explore the fashion industry's key challenges from diversity and representation three to safeguarding models and creativity in a globalized industry so I think it's quite interesting because I feel like fashion has definitely got more work in the last couple years we are seeing more and more brands being aware of diversity represents tation trying to make sure that they've got a good range of different types of body shapes and ethnicities and not campaigns and different types of people I think that the Kalonzo campaign recently is a really good example of that featuring fully st hayward naked beach she was in that off of naked and rain dove the model and I think that a Stephanou kind of becoming buzzy thing and hopefully it's not just a trend they don't just jump on a bandwagon listen to the episode with Olivia and that way he's a twenty two year old Nigerian American model and the episode was about diversity in the industry and I found it really interesting to listen to this twenty two and she was thrust from she was scouted thrust into the limelight were working are denied she did something ridiculous like a crazy number of catwalk runways inner various fashion weeks but also she's been quite outspoken on social media about diversity within the industry and there was one particular time she talks about y she felt like there was no she was a show and she was being dressed for this you know catwalk show and she was a carbon behave the brand was but she was just left there sitting there they didn't give enough time to do her hat and she felt when they came to do ahead they didn't know how to do her and there was no expertise around it says she was so to sent out onto the runway not feeling not not feeling seen I'm going to insert the segment hayward talks about that while being backstage at a show and noticing kind of the looks that I was receiving and also yeah just the lack of attention listen to me as a person in a hair chair waiting for me to get my hair done and then refusal of doing the proper style and then having a nail artist actually have to complete the hair job Brian and then I think what really stuck out to me was a girl ride me was like this is ridiculous like never seen anything like this before and I was like Oh no this happened yet it's not really shocking to me which is really upsetting yeah but it really pointed out from her reaction mainly that I needed to speak out about it because there are people similar to her who had never even heard or seen on my head out well this was something that Riley existing yeah all right so I felt the need to kind of voice in a positive way as in there should be changed or there should be wanting to learn wanting to grow from the I think it's that much it's not being afraid to like silver so this week we are catching up with the two women who were behind naked each which is if you haven't seen show on Channel Four it's still on all four now I was in a basically a show to help people learn to love that bodies experiment kind of show their episodes on offer at the moment it's coming out in Australia on the thirtieth of October or perfect and raise see Bri and Lucy golding all the two women behind Baff as TV which is a production company which made the show so we went along too officers in London and we had a chat with them about diversity and representation and what made them want to make the show and some of that prices behind but we also talked to them about the wider issue in general of bodies on TV it's real easy to blame the major and as the media's the media's foe so let's put that to to people who are working in the media and this is what they had to say these are the two ladies responsible for naked beach welcome Rosie at least say hey do you want to introduce those forced to anyone who may not have seen Naked Beach I'm lucy i Razi and we setup barefaced TV off edgy and our first idea around the block is pretty much was naked beach at the beginning it was called Bopha beach but nobody knew what was at that point and we just knew we wanted to make something about bunny positively so it was pretty much as ended up being sought from the beginning it's just something we thought on the first day right what we wanted to make a show about what we interested in what do we think sort of fits with what we love doing which is kind of national staff and but still kind of fun and poppy and relatable and broad and yet so we thought body positivity was having a company called end mo who make big brother and numerous other rudy successful shows and we were making a show called snuck Mary avoid for BBC three and Basically we gave me job I gave you a job yes commute into me and I think I got the job largely because I talked.

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