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Knows the story by now, But the last year and a half was, um You know something that you have nightmares about and to be here a year later and make it to the finals was was incredible man, saying he had a 10 homer lead late in that final round, But Alonso rallied to win. Shohei Otani did not survive Round one, losing a three swing swing off to Soto. Now Otani is the l, starting D H and starting pitcher tonight that correctly gets all the headlines. But on the other side, Max Scherzer is started the All Star game for the fourth time. Incredible feeling. Um, you know, to be named to the All Star game and my fourth chance before time to start it. It's incredible Honor. When you step in the room with the group of all stars and you get the ball. That's a special feeling shares. Her is the sixth pitcher to start this game four or more times. The NL lineup begins with Padres shortstop Fernando Totti's junior. No. One Coronado Batch. Third Freddie Freeman fourth. The L roster now includes Tampa reliever Andrew Kittredge and Twins reliever Taylor Rogers. They replace Gary Colon You say Kikuchi, who will be an active tonight first pitch at Coors Field sometime after 7, 30, Eastern U. S Men's basketball, losing again last night, now owing to an Olympic tune ups in Vegas. This one a 91 83 final to Australia. The Americans led by 11 in the first half last night, Damian Lillard scored 22 17 from Kevin Durant. Jayson Tatum had just eight and as D a discussed to start the hour. The pelicans reportedly close to hiring sons assistant Willie Green as head coach. He's been in Phoenix the last two seasons after three with the Warriors. After a 12 year playing career and Ah nice, Chicago, dealing defenseman Duncan Keith to Edmonton to clear the remaining two years and $11 million of his contract. Keith's exit leaves just Jonathan Taves and Patrick Kane, the only holdovers from Chicago's three Stanley Cup winners D a back to you. Thank you. Bogue's when we come back here in a trash Tuesday. Got a cool story about stats collected by NFL historians to tell us the real story of the sack leaders of all time. Who's the true single season? Sack leader? It's not Michael Schrage,.

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